A few things I love | EG ♡

Now I’ve got to grips with this, I’d like to show you a few things I like. One of them is films. My absolute all time favourite is ‘The Breakfast Club’. I really enjoyed this because it’s about high school students breaking stereotypes,plus it’s really funny. 


Another I thing I enjoy is baking. Last year my New Years resolution was to bake from scratch ( another was to be healthier but that wasn’t gonna happen ) I really got into it around October time and began baking every week. My most recent bake was nutella cupcakes – you’ve got to to love nutella.

The third is music. My favourite singer is Ariana Grande. I think she’s really talented and I really enjoy listening to her music. When she first appeared on ‘Victorious’ I loved her hair, style and personality. Now she’s become really famous and everyone knows her now. Before, I would say ” I love Ariana’s new song” and everyone would look at me like “what?”. It’s completely different now. I’m happy that she’s become so successful.


So, they were a few things I like. In alot of detail. Oh well, hope you enjoyed!

 Grace x


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