outfit of the day | EG♡

Spring! That means pastels and florals, my favourite things. As the day became sunnier I chose to wear one of my favourite spring outfits. This outfit is always a ‘go – to’ because it’s very girly but also comfortable and perfect for sunny,breezy days.


skater shoes- topshop £20

lace hem jumper- topshop £28

high waisted skinny jeans- primark £10

one direction perfume- boots (price differs per ml)

I always bring this jumper out in the spring as it has short sleeves which means it keeps you warm but it’s still easy to wear in the sun.It’s in a pastel pink colour, but I also have a mint green and lemon version (I may be obsessed). The skater shoes are great for any season and are easy to wipe down if they get dirty. I do recommend wearing ‘dolly shoe’ socks with them though as they can rub a little bit. The one direction perfume has a really sweet, sugary scent to it, perfect for light, warm days. 

ring- river island £3 

necklace- river island £4

pearl bangle – miss selfridge £2

River island and miss selfridge are my two favourite places for jewellery. River island is great for small but pretty pieces that also have a small price tag. The jewellery I have from there seems to last quite a while and the colour of it doesn’t wear away, which is great. Miss selfridge does cost a tad more but also has a lot of lovely pieces. They have jewellery for all styles and outfits. The sale in there is always pretty good too!

Have a great day! 

Grace x


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