bourton-on the-water | EG♡

Today it was super sunny, so we went out for the day down by the river! It was great, I think the temperature reached 30•c! 

When we got there we put our picnic blanket out and had some sandwiches, fruit and crisps. Then we sunbathed and sat by the river. Later on we went to the little ice cream van. It was so cute, it even had bunting on it! I had chocolate ice cream but I ate it too quick to take a picture! The river was lovely and there were little ducklings paddling around too!


A little bit later we went to ‘ bakery on the water ‘. It was a rustic/shabby chic bakery next to the top of the river. We had a cream tea and it was gorgeous! Each little jam pot had a message on the lid. We also popped into a few shops- that are all local and one off – and got two little policemen salt and pepper shakers, they’re so cute! I had such a great day, hope fully I can go again soon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and your day!

Grace x


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