mini lush haul | EG♡

Recently I went to lush and bought a few things. I always find something in lush to buy as everything smells and looks great!


‘Butterball’ bath fizzer- £2.65

Lip scrub- £5

‘The comforter’ bubble bar- £4.85 

‘Fluffy egg’ bath fizzer-£2.95

I picked up the butterball as I had seen it on Zoellas channel. Plus it has vanilla in ( one of my favourite scents ). It’s white has and has the lush logo on it, hope fully it’s as great as everyone says!

Aah, lush lip scrubs, famous for tasting great and making your lips smooth. I love the smell and colour of this one. It also tastes sugary sweet!

The comforter is my favourite bubble bar. I’m a sucker for sweet scents and this definately has it. Plus it’s all swirly and pretty. Just a small bit can create mountains of bubbles! I always throw in a bit extra to have more though!

The fluffy egg bath fizzer was part of the Easter range. I am yet to use it. It too smells like bubblegum and is bright pink ( kind of a pattern going on ). Plus it has a little flower on either side. I guess it’ll probably make my bath pink, which is never a bad thing.

I’ve just realised how many exclamation marks I use. Maybe a tad over excited about bath products. Oh well!

Have a sweet day!

Grace x


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