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One of my favourite things to do is shopping. Yes it’s an expensive habit, and yes I do normally buy quite a lot. I do enjoy going out for the day to look around though. As much as others hate it, I love it.


I really like going to miss selfridge for jewellery as they have lots of it. I usually wear small, dainty pieces as big jewellery looks a bit stupid on me. I also love going to the miss selfridge sale and I’ve picked up quite a few good pieces from there that have became my favourites.

Lush. Where do I begin? Natural ingredients, no animal testing, bright colours, great smells. The list could go on for ever! I have recently been getting into lush a bit more. A few years ago I went quite a lot, now I’m picking that habit up again. There’s something for everyone in there. They have products for all types of hair and skin. It’s generally a great place! Plus the staff are always super nice.

I think new look is great for tops. I always find myself trying on armfuls of them. They are always up to trend but there prices are a lot lower than topshop. They also have great jumpers. My local new look even has a Starbucks, bonus!

My first ever purchase from topshop shop was a pair of desert boots. I fell in love with them. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. It is quite pricey but the clothes last sooo long. I haven’t brought myself to buy any jeans from there, as £36 is way out of my budget. My favourite piece from there is a fluffy ‘boyfriend’ style coat, that I picked up for £50 down from £79. I wear it all the time and I know it will last years.

River island is also great for jewellery. It has a small price tag but the stuff in there is gorgeous! The jewellery is quite dainty and easy to wear with anything, I love it! I also like their slogan tops. ‘ too glam to give a damn ‘ is my favourite so far.

Primark! Hallelujah for cheap fashion! I get my jeans from here, and I’ve also just bought a lovely bikini. Pyjamas are also great. Once I was in primark with my mum for 2 hours. I think that explains our obssesion.

Well that was a long post! If you got to the end of this, well done!

Have a brilliant day!

Grace x


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