diy lip scrub | EG♡

Recently I went for afternoon tea – so posh – and I had some mini jam jars left. So last night at around half ten I decided to make a lip scrub. I kind of experimented and just guessed what to do, but it worked brilliantly!


You will need:

-caster sugar

-a small jar/ tin

-your favourite lip balm! 


1-scoop your lip balm out of the tin using a spoon and put it into a cup

2- add in some sugar ( the less you use the creamier it will be )

3- mix them together until they form one product

4- using a spoon, scoop the mixture into your jar!

5- use until your hearts content ( and your lips are smooth! )

The jam jar I used was actually for strawberry jam, so it had a strawberry label on it. The lip balm I used was also strawberry so it looked very cute!

This would make a great gift or just a treat for yourself!

Hope you enjoy your lip scrub and  enjoyed this post!

Have a happy day!

Grace x


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