iPad mini 3 | EG♡

Last week I ordered the iPad mini 3 in gold, as I had finally saved enough for it! It arrived yesterday and I’m so happy with it,it’s gorgeous!


I ordered it from selfridges and they sent it in a huge cardboard box. When I opened it tissue paper flowed out, looking a like a huge present! I absolutely loved the way they wrapped it, it was very thoughtful. It also came with a cloth bag with drawstrings. It was wrapped in lots of bubble wrap and hidden behind oodles of dotty tissue paper!


Once I got over the beautifulness of the wrapping, I got to the ipad! It’s such a perfect size. I also think it’s more rose gold than full on gold. It’s nice but subtle. It’s fits perfectly into its little ted baker case! I have already got a book and am well into it , so I may give a review later on. This will also make blogging a lot easier as at the mo I do it on my phone, which is hard because it’s a tiny little screen. It’ll make reading all of your lovely blogs easier!

Have a super day!

Grace x


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