floral nail art tutorial | EG♡

Hiiii! Today I can finally post a tutorial for my favourite nail art! This is easy but very effective and looks great! This design is great for spring/ summer and you can change the colours to ones you prefer, if you’d like to.

   Nail vanishes I used: 

Asda – sherbet fizz

Asda – smarty pants

Asda – meteorite

New look – fuscia

Ciate – ‘ underwear ‘ base coat 

Ciate – silicone top coat 

dotting tool ( you could also use a bobby pin )

What to do!

1- paint your base coat and wait for it to dry

2- paint 2 coats of your base colour ( I chose green )

3- using a dotting tool, paint four pink dots on your nail

4- using your dotting tool again, paint brackets around the edge of the dot and a smaller dot in the middle

5- using your dotting tool, paint two small green lines off the centre of the flower 

6- add a top coat and voila! Enjoy your beautiful new nails!

Hope you enjoyed this new post! And of course have a lovely day!

Grace x


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