the creative blogger award | EG♡

AAAAH, you guys!!   MyLittleBeautyAndFashionBlog nominated me for this award and I can’t believe it! Go and check her blog about now because it’s great! It’s lovely to know that people enjoy reading my blog  

Rules : 

Thank and leave a link to the blog that nominated you

Share 5 facts about yourself

Nominate 10 blogs and link them in your post

Notify all nominees through their social media/blog

Pass the rules along

5 facts :

1- I love cats! I have 2 and they’re so cute!

2- I’ve only been blogging for a week or two but I already love it!

3-  Sweet chilli is the best thing ever.

4- I love to roller skate and ice skate.

5- I’d love to study fashion journalism when I’m older.

My 10 blogs :

Nadzias 100 happy days! Because her posts make me happy!

Wide ranging ramblings! I love reading this blog!

Arielle! This is my favourite blog!

Zoya! A fellow chocolate and coconut lover!

Glitter bunnies! This is a lovely blog!

All things random! this is a great blog and YouTube!

Sushi meow! Great blog and great name!

College culture! Love to read this blog and YouTube!

Polished by Amy! I love this blog for nail art, it’s great!

Roxanne! Has just started her blog up again and I already love it!

Also one extra one ( sorry ) comic overload it’s all about marvel and things and it’s really cool!

Thank you again for my nomination, go and check all of these blogs out guys, they’re great!

Grace x


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