top 5 sprays | EG♡

Hiiii everyone! Today I’ve got a little post about something I love! Perfume and body sprays! Yes it’s a strange love but I like to smell good so you know. These are my top 5 that I use regularly.

Zara woman l’eau

Enchanted grace 

One direction our moment 

Boots natural collection vanilla

Ted baker body spray

I usually wear my one direction perfume day to day because I have 3 bottles I may be a bit obsessed .  I just love the sweet smell of it! Boots no longer sell this version of their vanilla spray which was just £2! They now sell a thinner taller bottle for £4.50 which smells nothing like the old one! I really don’t like the new one so I keep the tiny bit of this one I have left for special days. I sprayed this ted baker one ages ago and forgot the smell, I finally found it a few weeks ago and bought it straight away. It’s pink so why wouldn’t I buy it? The enchanted grace perfume was a present for Christmas and I have no idea where it’s from. I think I got it because it has my name on. I love the smell of it though, and once again it’s pink! My friend bought me this mini Zara perfume with some other things for my birthday and it smells gorgeous! It’s really fresh and great for spring. I’ll definitely be purchasing the bigger bottle! 

Have a beautiful day! 

Grace x


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