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Since it’s a Monday and everyone’s tired and wants to sleep, I thought I’d do a chilled happy post. I think happiness is really important and these are a few thing that make me happy!

– friendship –

I think having friends close to you is something really great. I’ve had a few not so good friends but now I’m part of a group where we all get along and have a great time and I really enjoy myself. I’ve actually been friends with my best friend for 12 years. Yeah. A very long time.

– sun & days out –

I love going on days out with my family. Sometimes we disagree on where we want to go, but when we get there we have a great time, even if we are just having a picnic ( another love of mine )

– music & concerts –

My favourite concert was Ed Sheeran. He is so talented and it was him, his guitar and a loop pedal. To perform in front of so many people with just that is amazing. Listening to music instantly  makes me happy and experiencing it live is even better!

 – lush & bubble baths –

Where do I begin with lush? I love the shops, their work ethic, their products, ingredients and everything about it. Buying things from there feel really special because you know it’s all handmade with lovely ingredients. Lying in a bath with music on really is relaxing.

– lunching –

I love costa & Starbucks, I’m currently obsessed with McDonald’s caramel ice frappe! Wow don’t even get me started its so good! I love going for a drink and a cake. Me and my friends sometimes go to Pizza Hut too. I love going out with them because I always have a great time.

– other little things –

– cup of tea

– my cats!

– roller/ice skating

– ice cream

– baking

-lie ins!

Have a very happy day!

Grace x


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