topshop top picks | EG♡

I’ve been scrolling through topshop and found so many nice things lately. These are a few of my favourite things.

Scarf print sundress- £42

Mom jeans- £40

Floral dress- £90

Embroidered mom shorts- £32

I’ve loved this dress ever since I saw it on Tanya Burrs channel. I think it’d be really cute in summer or even with black tights and a jacket. I’d really like some mom jeans and these ones are so nice! I prefer wearing dark jeans as light ones really don’t suit me. I saw the black version of this dress on Zoellas channel. When I saw the price I couldn’t believe it. It’s so pretty though. I prefer the lighter version just because black doesn’t really doesn’t suit my skin tone as I’m quite pale- it just drowns me out even more. These mom shorts are the prettiest things ever! I literally want to buy them right now ( but I have no money, forever wishing ). They have pink roses on the sides and a few rips in them. They’d go with everything, I really really like them ( if you couldn’t already tell )

Have a lovely day! ( even though it’s already night time here )

Grace x


2 thoughts on “topshop top picks | EG♡

  1. i really love your editing haha its so cute!
    i’m pretty new to blogging and would love if you’d check out my blog and give me some tips 🙂

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