my top 5 films | EG♡

There are so many films that I like that I’ll probably have to add in a few! Just choosing 5 was quite hard really. 

1- the breakfast club

This is my all time favourite film! As soon as I watched it the first thing I said was ‘ this is my favourite film ever!’ I really love the story of it and the way it really does relate to high school. Typical high school films are so ‘hollywood’ that they’re not relatable but this is.

2- the duff

I recently went to see this in the cinema and it was brilliant! I really enjoyed it. It’s one of the few films I’ve actually really enjoyed at the cinema. I feel like it’s quite similar to the breakfast club but I don’t know if it’s just me or not.

3- ferris buellers day off

I love this film because it’s so funny. It follows ferris and his friends when they skip school to have a day off and go around the city. It really makes me laugh and I always go to watch this when we want to watch a film.

4- Harry potter series

Harry potter is such a great series of films. I love the magic and suspense of it all. I think that as the series progresses it gets a but darker and more serious. Recently me and my brother watched one every day after school, we got through them in a week and it was great!

5- Amazing Spider-Man (2)

Spider-man is my favourite superhero. The amazing Spider-Man is my favourite marvel film. I think Andrew Garfield is such a great actor. I saw a picture of him when he was 2 dressed as Spider-Man and now he actually is Spider-Man. I just think it’s the cutest thing. The effects of both films are amazing and keep you hooked for the whole time.

What are your favourite films?

Comment below if you have one!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


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