lush fluffy egg review | EG♡ 

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After weeks of having lush’s ‘fluffy egg’ sitting in its packet, I finally decided to have a bath and use it! What can I say? It’s beautiful!

It kind of smells like snow fairy, lush’s signature Christmas scent! It is seriously sweet and pink! It didn’t have any bubbles as it is a bath fizzer, so I added a bit of ‘the comforter’ bubble bar because it has a similar colour. It made my bath so so pink! As soon as I got in my skin felt so much softer and it was really relaxing. Even though this is only out at Easter, I really recommend it for people who like sweet scents.

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x


2 thoughts on “lush fluffy egg review | EG♡ 

  1. I STILL haven’t used up all of my Easter Lush haul. I still haven’t used all of my Christmas haul! I feel really bad about it, but you’ve motivated me to use some this week! I definitely have a Fluffy Egg somewhere in my bathroom cupboard.

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