Sweden!! | EG♡

On Monday I hopped on the plane and went off to Gothenburg in Sweden to visit some close friends of our family! We had to wake up at 2am because we live quite far away from the airport.

For breakfast I had French toast with blueberries,strawberries and maple syrup. It was delicious! Then we got on the plane and the view was beautiful.

Once we arrived we drove to our friends house and had some fika, which is kind of like elevenses where you stop for coffe and cake. My favourite is the Swedish princess cake.

Here’s what I did over the four days…

Day one

On the first day, after we had settled in after the flight , we went on a walk. We walked through the fields and down by the beach and it was lovely. The beach was about 10m long and it was just us on there. Once we walked back we had some homemade lasagne for lunch. Once my friend had arrived home from school we went out on their boat at around 25 notts. This is pretty fast and we were literally skimming the waves, it was really great! We had some snacks on the boat and went back. Once we got home it was quite late and we settled in for the night.

Day two

On the second day I went to school with my friend. This sounds like a really strange thing to do on holiday but it was so fun! If someone would’ve told me I was going to my own school I probably would’ve burst into tears. We had pizza for lunch and I tried a Swedish kebab pizza which was actually really nice. I also had my first hawaiian pizza ( is that bad? ) I also made salsa in the home ec lesson. Some lessons are taught in Swedish and the others in English so I understood most of the day. Afterwards we went into the city shopping and then caught the tram back out. When we got home we had tacos and they were delicious!

Day three

On the Thursday it was raining a lot so we went to the museum. You probably think ” boring museum ” but this was completely different. It was kind of interactive so they had huge displays and the biggest aquarium in Scandinavia! There were so many fish! There was a tunnel you can walk through that was glass so the fish swam around you and the saw headed shark came and hovered above us for about five minutes! It was so cute. They also had a part full of ice age creatures like mammoths and huge moose. 

After that we went for lunch and once again I had steak and chips and the chips were heaven ( again ) for pudding me my friend and my brother headed to frozen planet, which is basically a diy frozen yogurt shop. You can pick from different flavours and toppings and sauces so obviously I filled my bucket sized cup! I had ( this is a long list ) vanilla yogurt, chocolate and strawberry swirled as one, desiccated coconut, chocolate orange pieces, chocolate chunks, sprinkles, m&ms , Nutella, marshmallows and chocolate sauce. Obviously I was on a sugar high and me and my friend went shopping; she showed me round the Swedish brands and we went into English places like lush. Swedish people seem to enjoy our accents. We then went home and chilled together for a while until we set off for the airport, where I bought a Victoria’s Secret ‘ coconut passion ‘ spray and I’m in love.

Then my flight was over and I’m finally home!

I hope you enjoyed this very long post as much as I enjoyed my perfect week in Sweden!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


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