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Today I have another review! It seems like I’ve been doing quite a few of these!

Today’s is of the eos set. I got these for my birthday and still haven’t used all of them, since there’s five and I only have one pair of lips.

At the moment I’m using 2: strawberry sherbet and passion fruit. These are the pink and purple ones. Whenever I go out there are 2 things I take with me: a bottle of water and a lip balm.


These are the most moisturising lip balms I’ve used by far, plus they’re organic. I got these in a big pack as a present and they are one of the most used presents I’ve ever received. My favourite thing about them is the packaging- it’s just so so cute!

from left to right

passion fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, summer fruit, strawberry sherbet

You can also get lip balm sticks and hand lotions from eos which I am currently considering buying! I’d also like to try the coconut milk lip balms as I am coconuts #1 fan.

My favourite thing about them is how moisturising they are. They last all day although I use them every couple of hours because I’m so tempted! They also smell sooo nice. The strongest smelling one is mint which I guess would mean you wouldn’t have to use chewing gum!

Overall I would give these 5/5 for being so delicious and pretty! They’re so cute I can’t help staring at them!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


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