topshop buys | EG♡

Last Sunday I went to touchwood shopping centre and bought a couple of things from topshop. I haven’t bought anything in ages because I’ve been paying off my iPad. So when I saved up I headed out with no idea of what I wanted to buy and no intention of buying anything.

Bardot top- topshop £14

Denim button front skirt- £28

I bought the white top and denim skirt and they looked so cute together! The skirt doesn’t look very nice on the topshop website but when I tried it on I fell in love! It fits lovely and the denim is really thick and good quality. At topshop you can choose your waist size so it fits perfect which is hard for me. I can never find things that fit my waist and leg at the same time as I have super long legs. 

When I tried on the white top I was so happy with it! It fits kind of flowy and you wear it on or off your shoulders. It looks beautiful either way. I actually wore it to Ariana grande and it was perfect for it. I usually buy tops in white because they go with everything!

I matched the skirt with my old navy striped flower edge top from topshop last year. I love the way the navy in the top is pulled out by the colour of the skirt. I can’t wait to wear this outfit in the summer!

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x


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