desk decor | EG♡

I’m sure everyone’s got to the point where they think ” my desk is so messy I have to do something about this “. If not, you’re very lucky. I was like that last week and decided to sort out my whole room. First I did my desk which I am pretty proud of because it was so crowded!


1- on the left side of my desk I organised all of my jewellery in to three little heart dishes and another heart plate. It looks so much nicer having everything organised. I also have this wooden calendar that I got from new look a couple of years ago in the sale ( along with the three hearts )

2- I have fairy lights everywhere! These flowers are battery operated so they don’t get plugged in. They are stuck around my mirror and remind me of the film stars dressing room. There’s also some you can see around my bed! You’ll have to excuse the zebra wallpaper, it’s not really my thing anymore.

3- on the right side of my dressing table I have my bobby pins all stored in a mini jam jar. I also keep my 2 sprays and the fentimans rose lemonade ( which I’m in love with ) on there too. Obviously I have a bit of chocolate stored there as well!

4- I got this candle in primark for £2.50! It smells soooo nice. Plus it’s pink! I love primark for home ware and I go there straight away because it’s all so nice! The spray in the background is Victoria’s Secret ‘ coconut passion ‘ and it is my favourite scent. It’s coconut and vanilla in one spray! If you’ve read my ‘about’ page you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


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