3 playsuits 3 ways | EG♡

After scrolling through asos for an hour or so I had chose around seven playsuits. I’d really like one for summer and the ones I’d found were lovely! I realised that with so many screenshots of pretty clothes, I may as well put a blog post together with them. So here we go…

sites used:

– asos.com

– asos marketplace

– topshop.co.uk

– etsy.co.uk

I love all of these outfits. My favourite piece is probably the daisy headband. I love the back of the first playsuit, it’s so pretty. The print really compliments the tan sandals. The second playsuit may be my favourite- the detail and colours are really ‘festivally’ is that a word?

Off the shoulder tops are really in at the moment and what better way to embrace a trend than wear it as a whole outfit? The third outfit is all white and very simple but pretty- as long as you don’t spill food chocolate on it! 

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


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