post a quote a day challenge #1 | EG♡

This is a lovely tag! I was tagged by hotchocolateandcream to do this. You have to choose a quote everyday for three days and share it with your followers! You then say why you love it and tag someone new each day.

First of all, I love this quote because it’s ariana grande. I mean, I’m sure you know by now, but I love her. I just think this is so true. Everyone judges others, even on little things. As soon as you realise that nobody’s perfect * breaks into hannah montana song * you’ll realise that judging people is pretty stupid. 

It doesn’t make you a nice person and it does leave te other person feeling nice, so who wins? 

I just think this is a lovely, confidence boosting quote. It kind if makes me think.

Have a lovely day! 

I tag hellolavender today!

Grace x


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