yes please! #3| EG♡

Finally it’s summer!! I can finally blog whenever I want! Fingers crossed for sun the whole time 🙂

This is the third part of my little- ok, growing – ‘ yes please ‘ series. Everyone has a wish list right? I really like some new shoes for summer, preferably some trainers ( or sneakers if you say that ) I usually wear skater shoes every day and I have four pairs of them now! ( I’m not obssesed I promise ) 

These are three pairs that I like but obviously I would not choose one due to having no money and whatnot.

I really like the colour of these roshe runs as their quite neautral and a lighter shade of grey. Out come all of the fifty shades of grey jokes.

I already have a pair of converse hi tops but we all know white never stays white. I’d like to try the lower converse after owning 6 pairs of higher converse in the past. White goes with everything and is my favourite colour to wear.

These adidas superstars are everywhere! I really like them although they remind me of build a bear shoes anyone else? I like how they’re quite 90’s and would go with a lot as they’re simple.

What about you guys? Are they’re any shoes you’d love to get? Or any you’d recommend? Comment below 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

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