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More clothes! I love putting outfits together and seeing which items I have match. It also means I have loads of outfit that I know I can wear. This one is all floral and pretty. It has light colours so it’s perfect for summer.

Bardot top – topshop

floral skort – primark

t bar shoes – topshop

backpack – primark

sunglasses – españaaaa!

perfume – one direction ‘our moment’

drink – Norwegian drink

I looove the way this outift looks. I can’t wait for the weather to pick up so I can wear it. 

My favourite thing about the Bardot top is that you can wear it on or off your shoulders. 

The skort was only £6 from primark and is a lovely mint green colour. It also has orange accents in it. 

This backpack is so cute! It has little tassels on the end of the cords and matches with basically everything. 

My t bars are from two years ago and I wore them everyday of the holidays! ( I’m not even kidding ) they have lasted so well and are still as cute as when I first got them.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

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