sisterhood of the world bloggers award! | EG♡

The lovely Wide Ranging Ramblings has nominated me for this award and I’m so excited to do it! 

The rules are: 

link to and thank the person who nominated you

– answer the questions that you’ve been set

– nominate 10 inspiring female voices 

– set 10 new questions for your nominees


Here are my 10 questions set by Wide Ranging Ramblings, be sure to check her blog out! It’s amazing!

1- what is the first thing you do in the morning?

I seriously had to think about this. I usually go back to sleep to be honest ( oops ). Or I’ll have a look what the weather is like and read through my wordpress feed.

2- what’s your ultimate guilty please?

This is so hard! For food it’s definitely Galaxy bar dipped in tea! – or a bounty bar. Tv shows it’s got to be friends! And movies it’s probably meet the parents. And music it’s probably Taylor Swift ( everyone’s guilty of that though arent they? )

3- what’s the best piece of advice you can give?

I believe you should live for now, not for tomorrow. I think people don’t realise that they spend so long waiting for something to happen, they forget what they’re missing. 

4- what’s been your proudest achievement?

This was a hard one. Not because I have billions of things I’m great at( because I’m definately not ) but because it’s so hard to think about what made me really proud. I think it’s either having my blog and connecting with so many lovely people or earlier this year I did a smidge of modelling with revlon. Ok awkward let’s move on.

5- who is guaranteed to make you smile every time you speak to them?

Either my family ( obviously ) or my best friend. I’ve been friends with her since we were around 3 and she makes me laugh all the time. Also my friends from school who make me laugh so much my face aches!

6- who/ what inspires you?

In daily life I gain inspiration from everyone. I bounce off other people and can be inspired by things such as their personality or mannerisms. I also love Audrey Hepburn and the way she is still so iconic. She was so feminine and had lovely morals. Fashion wise I absolutely adore misssjoolie’s style. Even just googling her name brings up sooo many gorgeous outfits. She also has a YouTube and started out here on wordpress!

7- where is your happy place?

The place where I feel most comfortable is at home. I love being at home with my family ( and my cats ). I also love being at the park or in the fields- especially with a picnic or something of that kind and some music and my friends!

8- what is your favourite quote?

I think I put this in post a while ago but I do love one from paper towns by John green. However it is super long so I’ll link the post here. Another quote I love is ” don’t worry, be happy ” I think it’s very true. I used to spend to much time worrying and less time enjoying things. Now it’s the other way round. I might be too carefree. I wouldn’t want to live being too scared to do things and I really don’t mind about what people think or even what I think anymore.

9- what film can you watch 100 times a day and still enjoy?

If you’ve read my blog from the start, I think you already know the answer. The breakfast club obviously!! I just love this film so much, but I bore you guys enough with this nearly every week. My others would either be Madagascar or ferris buellers day off. I love the older films, they’re alot better than the new ones.

10- if you could do one thing every day, what would it be?

Another hard question! If by this you mean only do this one thing every day, it would either be blogging, shopping or going to fashion shows and writing. But if you mean one thing amongst everything else it would probably be roller skating, skateboarding or dancing because they’re things I love but rarely do.

My nominees are :


Hello Lavender

Ravishing Roses

With All My Affection

Lauren from Styled

The Electric Concept

Karen from Confetti and Curves

Anna from hotchocolateandcream

Sophie from sophieinneverland

 Anine Paulsen
My 10 questions for you guys are:

1- what would be your last meal on earth?

2- what song have you listened to most this week?

3- where is your favourite place to shop?

4- what is your favourite season and why?

5- do you prefer blogs or youtubes?

6- if you won the lottery what would you buy? ( if it was millions? )

7- what is your favourite memory?

8- if you could relive one day of your life, what would it be?

9- when was the last time you laughed really hard?

10- what is the best book you’ve ever read?

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x

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8 thoughts on “sisterhood of the world bloggers award! | EG♡

  1. thanks so much for joining in!!! Great answers and great questions too! You should for sure be proud of modelling for Revlon, that must have been such a great experience! Great life approach too, it’s good to live for today and to be happy! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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