holiday outfit night #2 | EG♡

Hello again! I’m enjoying posting every night now, even if it is quite late. Today I have my second outfit for you! I have been living in playsuits lately because they’re so comfy! This one is so cute and the pattern is very me.

playsuit – h & m

trainers – Nike

necklace – topshop

anklet – present from my best friend

Isn’t this the cutest playsuit ever?? The back of it is cut lower and has criss cross straps! It would be so pretty with a cute bralette underneath! ( I’m actually considering one from f21 at the moment ) it looks really lovely and is super comfy. I think it was £12.99 and it’s quite new so is probably still available. The dress version of it is in the sale for £4!!

These trainers are SO comfy! They also match perfectly with the flowers on this playsuit. They look purple in the picture but are actually a light baby pink, which obviously I would go for.

My necklace has my Japanese sign on. It’s from topshop and was £6.50! I love dainty pieces like this, especially when they have a meaning.

My anklet was from a friend when she went to Spain. She’s my best friend and I literally wear it all the time. I actually just bought myself another anklet today with hamsa hands on!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


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