holiday outfit night #5 | EG♡

Night 5 already! Today we went to the ice cream parlour and I had a waffle! I didn’t take my iPad with me so I didn’t get a photo but I’ll try and get some to make a post for when I get back! So here’s what I wore on night 5.

My photos are so blurry so I’m very sorry for that!

playsuit – new look

shoes – topshop

anklet – little shop

bracelet – Vivienne Westwood

cuff – topshop

I wore this playsuit to travel here because it’s so comfy! Paired with an oversized cardigan it looks really cute. It has a burgundy Paisley pattern on it and has a high neck with short spaghetti straps.

My shoes are probably a bit overused by now, but they’re comfy so I’ll wear them. I’ve had them since last year now so they’ve held up well.

I love this new bangle that I bought from topshop! It’s rose gold and has a leaf on either end. I have tiny wrists so finding bangles that fit is very rare! My bracelet is from Bicester village and I love it! It has little bits of pink in it and gold too. I wear anklets all the time on holiday as they make me feel like I’m on holiday ( I don’t know why ) 

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


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