holiday outfit night #6 | EG♡

Another post? Once again I forgot to post outfit five yesterday so I have two posts today! I don’t know how I forgot really considering I’m not really that busy. But anyways! We went out for a meal and I had the best profiteroles I’ve ever had! They came with so much chocolate sauce – always a priority. I wore a really comfy and chilled outfit because I didn’t really want to get ‘ dressed up ‘ plus we went to the beach.

top – topshop

shorts – primark

shoes – topshop

anklet – little shop

bracelet – another little shop 🙂 

This was so comfy, it was literally like wearing pyjamas. I can’t complain really!

My shorts have an Aztec kind of pattern on them and are very light and comfy. This was great considering the heat and humidity of the air over here. They have a coral pink lining and are very easy to match with a lot of items.

I have this white top in pink as well. It’s a nice tee that can be paired with anything from jeans to skirts and is very easy to wear. I always buy white clothes and I just love them. The bottom of this top is scalloped and very pretty.

My jewellery was simple and I wore silver. My bracelet has two little charms on it and my anklet has Hamas hands on it.

My shoes are literally in every outfit post! They go with everything though, you can’t blame me 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


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