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Hi everyone! Today I have spot about my skincare. Recently I’ve been really getting in to looking after my skin. I’ve been using different products and just taking more care of it.

First I’ll wash my face using clean and clear scrub and cream in the shower. After that I splash my face with cold water to close my pores.

Once my face is dry, I apply after sun to it. I use after sun because it is a lot lighter than other moisturisers but it still locks in moisture and keeps my skin smooth.

I apply Nivea soft moisturiser to my legs and then once it has sunk in a rub doves summer glow on them. This gives the a nice colour since I’m so pale. It just makes my legs look a bit less pale.

In the morning I use primarks oil balancing facial wipes and antomicals no old bags allowed eye gel. After this I will do my hair and things like that.

Since I’ve been getting into skincare, I would like to invest in some more natural products because I’m sure adding all of these chemicals isn’t good in the long run. For short term they make my skin feel lovely, but I will definitely be buying some of lush’s natural moisturisers and cleansers.

Do you guys have any recommendations? Do you have a skincare routine?

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


6 thoughts on “my skincare | EG♡

  1. Great post love, I love clinique’s 3 step skincare line. I used to work there and can honestly say if you use the soap, then cleanser, then gel lotion ( it’s so light i swear) you’ll have perfect skin forever! I’m obsessed 🙂 Have a great day babe<3

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  2. I definitely recommend Caudalie – their products are natural and lovely! The oil is great for moisture for body and face too. Worth checking out! Also it’s well worth investing in a decent toner for your pores!! Definitely worth taking care of your skin, I wish I had started sooner!! xxx

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