10 gifts for friends | EG♡

With October over *cry* it’s brings us to November. And I don’t know what you guys think, but for me that means one month until Christmas!! There’s always certain people who are impossible to buy for so I’ve made it a bit easier for you guys by making a list of lovely presents for the impossible recipients!

1- a photo album

Everyone takes photos and likes to cherish them and keep them in their phone. A better way to look at photos is to put them into an album! You could print off pictures from places you’ve been together or would like to go or pictures together and keep them all in an album. This is such a cute present as it’s cheap, thoughtful and shows you really care about them.

2- bath items

Everyone loves to smell nice right? Lush make such lovely things that make cute gifts or you could buy one of their gift boxes!

3- scrapbook

This is very similar to the photo album, in that you add photos and things, but you can also add concert tickets or passes from places you’ve been and add old cinema tickets and things.

4- personalise something

There are so many websites that you can personalise items on now. Whether it’s a phone case, mug or even wrapping paper you can make your present tailored just for that person. My favourite is the phone case as it’s something that is used all the time.

5- cosy things

Winter is freezing, especially in the uk! How about a gift of some fluffy pyjamas, a new jumper or some cute socks? All of these make lovely presents and would defiantly be appreciated.

6- mix & match

Another fun thing you could make is a hamper of items with a theme. For example you could do a pamper one with creams, nail polishes, films and face masks. You could also do a cosy night in one with chocolate, hot chocolates, marshmallows and homemade cookies!

7- jewellery

An easy and cute gift is jewellery. I love picking jewellery for friends because I can tell what they’d like. It shows personality and a personal touch.

8- join up

Why don’t you get everyone to put a bit of money in and buy a bigger present? That way you could get something like a Pandora or concert tickets. We’ve done this a lot in my group and its lovely when we put it together.

9- day out

Why don’t you treat your friend to a day out somewhere or a meal? Have they been dreaming of a shopping trip? Why don’t you pay for their travel and take them there!

10-homemade party

You could get all of your friends and people to come over and throw a surprise party! Everyone could bring presents and you could set out food and surprise your friend with treats and gifts!


7 thoughts on “10 gifts for friends | EG♡

  1. These are such good ideas. I’m looking forward to Christmas so much, but NO idea what I’m going to buy people. The bath ideas, personalised things and cosy things are my favourites, thanks for the ideas. In my friendship group there’s 5 of us and we’re doing a sort of Secret Santa this year so this was helpful.

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