Arianator tag | EG♡

Today I have a post that I guess only some people will find interesting, but I really wanted to do it! It’s the arianator tag and you basically answer questions about Ariana!

1- from what source did you first hear about Ariana?

I first saw Ariana on victorious, I had heard some of her covers before on YouTube too. She also had a ‘freaky forever’ series and did funny covers with her friends.

2- what fandom are you mostly in?

I would say Instagram probably but I did have a fahlo account.

3- what was the first song you heard by Ariana?

The first song I heard by Ariana that was her own was “higher” which was yeaaaars ago now! But once she got bigger it was “the way”. 

4- top 10 songs that she’s produced?

( in no order )

1- honeymoon avenue

2- hands on me ft asap ferg

3- be my baby ft cashmere cat

4- break your heart right back ft childish gambino

5- the way ft Mac Miller

6- right there ft big Sean

7- tattooed heart

8- emotions Whitney Houston cover

9- higher

10- you will never know

5- favourite cover she has done?

Emotions is my all time favourite! Her whistle tones are insane!! Other than that maybe “shoes” which is a joke cover.

6- what’s your favourite thing about the fandom?

Everyone is really nice in the fandom. Also, everyone is super supportive of Ariana, but you can tell a fake fan straight away.

7- what is your favourite thing about Ariana?

Everything?? Her hair, style voice and she’s just being herself.

8- who do you ship her with?

Either jai or Nathan because they were cute.

9- favourite foetus Ariana outfit?

There’s a specific one that she wore that was a long 50’s style dress with clouds on and it was adorable!

10- favourite honeymoon tour outfit?


11- favourite cat quote?


I tag anyone who likes Ariana grande!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


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