Lee Stafford Review | EG

 Hi everyone! I know that my blog is kind of going through an identity crisis at the moment, but hopefully when I’m happy with it it will look fab.
So anyway, today I have a review on the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment. I have recently had layers put in and they look really nice, but I would like them to be a bit longer. After seeing Gabriella from Velvetgh0st on YouTube rave about this product, I thought I would try it out, and it was on a 2 for £10 at Boots and what with it being £8.49 I thought I’d get the shampoo too. It’s currently on 3 for 2 which is also a great deal.


Overall, this product is really lovely. Even if it doesn’t make my hair grow, I still love it. You simply take some about the size of an egg and massage into your roots to the ends. It has a baby pink colour, which is really pretty. It smells fresh and clean. The packaging is really nice and easy to use. The screw on lid keeps all of the product in the pot securely and the plastic is sturdy. I don’t use conditioner when I use this product as it is extremely hydrating itself. I have found that my hair has grown a bit faster. My my says ” it’s not getting any shorter ” or ” you’ve just got used to it ” but I really see a difference.

 – smells really nice

– sturdy packaging

– nice colours

 – easy to use

 – lasts a long time

– can leave hair feeling greasy after one day

– expensive
Overall, I would recommend this product as I have seen a difference in my hair and it is really hydrated. However, I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone who has oily hair as it can make it greasy quite quick.

Have you guys any favourite hair products?

Have a lovely day!

Grace x




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