10 gifts for friends | EG♡

With October over *cry* it’s brings us to November. And I don’t know what you guys think, but for me that means one month until Christmas!! There’s always certain people who are impossible to buy for so I’ve made it a bit easier for you guys by making a list of lovely presents for the impossible recipients!

1- a photo album

Everyone takes photos and likes to cherish them and keep them in their phone. A better way to look at photos is to put them into an album! You could print off pictures from places you’ve been together or would like to go or pictures together and keep them all in an album. This is such a cute present as it’s cheap, thoughtful and shows you really care about them.

2- bath items

Everyone loves to smell nice right? Lush make such lovely things that make cute gifts or you could buy one of their gift boxes!

3- scrapbook

This is very similar to the photo album, in that you add photos and things, but you can also add concert tickets or passes from places you’ve been and add old cinema tickets and things.

4- personalise something

There are so many websites that you can personalise items on now. Whether it’s a phone case, mug or even wrapping paper you can make your present tailored just for that person. My favourite is the phone case as it’s something that is used all the time.

5- cosy things

Winter is freezing, especially in the uk! How about a gift of some fluffy pyjamas, a new jumper or some cute socks? All of these make lovely presents and would defiantly be appreciated.

6- mix & match

Another fun thing you could make is a hamper of items with a theme. For example you could do a pamper one with creams, nail polishes, films and face masks. You could also do a cosy night in one with chocolate, hot chocolates, marshmallows and homemade cookies!

7- jewellery

An easy and cute gift is jewellery. I love picking jewellery for friends because I can tell what they’d like. It shows personality and a personal touch.

8- join up

Why don’t you get everyone to put a bit of money in and buy a bigger present? That way you could get something like a Pandora or concert tickets. We’ve done this a lot in my group and its lovely when we put it together.

9- day out

Why don’t you treat your friend to a day out somewhere or a meal? Have they been dreaming of a shopping trip? Why don’t you pay for their travel and take them there!

10-homemade party

You could get all of your friends and people to come over and throw a surprise party! Everyone could bring presents and you could set out food and surprise your friend with treats and gifts!


summer bucket list | EG♡

Finalllyyy it’s seems like summers here! Today it’s been sososo hot! It was 32 degrees in my classroom, it really tires you out. The again, I was wearing my uniform. When summer comes I love planning what to do in the holidays. Especially my outfits ( just me? ) I’ve got a few planned things with my friends and other things that are coming up soon!

Something that I’ve wanted to do for ages is my hair. I feel like it’s quite plain. I do love it, but I feel like it needs something extra. I love the idea of balayage or sombré. This picture is how I’d like it ( if only it was that simple )

Another thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while is get a pen pal. I love the idea of writing to people. I’d love to do the things where you send a box of gifts. Especially someone from another country, because then I could send them loads of English things!

Ice creaaaam! I will definitely be going for a lot of sundaes. Theres a 50s ice  cream parlour near me and they sell everything from waffles to sundaes to milkshakes! It’s so nice to have when its boiling outside.

I’d also like to have a water fight. We’d just fill up buckets with water balloons and water guns too. When it’s this hot it’s great to cool down and have fun.

I love picnics. I like to make cookies and things to take and whilst we’re there we would have a bbq. Kebabs are really easy to make and taste delicious. If you have vegetables on them too they’ll roast and taste delicious.

Do you have any plans for summer?

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

rainbow cookies! | EG♡

Today I made some rainbow cookies, which were just an edited version of my  chocolate chip cookies that I made a couple of days ago. I added chocolate buttons, cut up malteser bar and smarties. I’ve just tasted one straight out of the oven and these are even better than my other cookies!

You can see the smarties and the buttons in them! These are delicious, and they remind me of subways rainbow cookies, hence the name!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

chocolate chip cookies | EG♡

Recently I went on a trip with my friends and I made some cookies to share when we got there. I cut three of them up and there was enough for 7 of us to have about 2 or 3 pieces each! Trust me these cookies are delicious!

for the cookies you will need:

– 150g butter, softened

– 80g demera sugar ( you can also use light brown muscvado )

– 80g granulated sugar

– 2tsp vanilla extract

– 1 large egg

– 225g plain flour

– 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

– 1/4 tsp salt

– 200g chocolate ( you can also use chocolate chips or broken up chocolate bar )

1- cream the butter and sugars together

2- add in the vanilla extract and egg and beat

3- put the salt, bicarbonate of soda and sieve the flour into the mix and mix until fully combined

4- add in your chocolate and then using a teaspoon put blobs of mixture on to a greased baking tray and put in the oven for 15 minutes at 180’c

5- leave to cool on a wire rack

6- enjoy!

I got this recipe from BBC good food and adapted it to what I had in 🙂 

tip: for rocky road cookies add mini marshmallows!

     you could also add honeycomb, popping candy or smarties to the mix!

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x

caramel coconut brownies | EG♡

In Sweden we had these for fika in a resteraunts we went to and I knew I had to find the recipe for them! They are brownies with coconut and caramel mixed together on top. Truly a great combination!



As you can see from the picture above I definitely put way to much caramel mixture on my brownies so I scraped half of it off!

for the brownies:

these units are in us ( using cups ) because I have bought some cup measurements and wanted to try them out.

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 cup caster sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

2 large eggs

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1/3 cup cocoa powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup flour ( I used plain )

for the topping:

200g of caramel

200g desiccated coconut 

 You can use less or more of either ingredients to get the desired affect 

1- mix the oil, sugar and vanilla together in a bowl. Once they have mixed as one, add the eggs.

2- mix the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt together and then add to the above mixture.

3- bake for 20 minutes at 180*c or until a knife comes out clean

4- once your brownies are done take hem out the oven and leave them to cool.

5- mix the caramel and coconut together and spread over the brownie once it has completely cooled.

6- leave to set and cut into small squares

7- enjoy!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

blogging for a month! | EG♡

Hi guys! Today I realised I’ve been blogging for just over a month without even noticing! Although, April has flew by so I guess it’s ok. I’ve really enjoyed blogging. My favourite things have probably been talking to you guys! I love reading and responding to your comments and it’s the best thing knowing that people enjoy my blog.

I only started doing this because I’d love to study fashion journalism- and I thought blogging was a small step in the right direction! I’ve got into ‘the swing of things’ now and I understand what bloggings all about and how to work this thing really.

Basically, this is a just a post to say thankyou very very much! for following, commenting and liking my blog and posts because I really do appreciate it and it’s lovely to know you guys enjoy reading it!

I hope you all have a super day!

Grace x

10 facts about me | EG♡

Just a quick post today! Thought I’d just share a few facts about me. Enjoy!

1- I’ve been to see Ed Sheeran in concert, and it was the best I’ve see been too

2- the breakfast club is my all time favourite film, after that it’s ferris buellers day off and the duff

3- strawberries and chocolate are the best partners ever! my sweet tooth is taking over me

4- I love lush baths, especially the comforter bubble bar

5- ariana grande is my favourite singer, I love her style, hair and music

6- audrey hepburn is my style icon I am always a lover of a poodle dress

7- I have my second piercing done and got my first one done when I was four

8- my favourite colour is pink or lilac

9- I love to play rounders and I love running too

10- id love to go to Disneyland more than anything

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely day!

Grace x