What I Bought This Weekend | EG

Once again, here we are. A Sunday evening! How quick are these weeks going? This weekend I’ve been lucky enough to go shopping a couple of times and buy some things that have been on my Wishlist for months.

First up is this top. It’s so pretty! I bought it from new look for only £5 in the sale. I had been looking at this top for a while, and I was so glad when I saw this in the sale! I picked this up in a size 12 even though, usually I’m in a size 8/10 as it does come up pretty small. It has short sleeves and is cropped with sort of frilly edging. Also, I repurchased the Garnier Micellar Water for the third time, as my others have ran out.

The next thing I got is mom jeans! I have been wanting these for so long, but being so tall, they were never in my size. Luckily, I finally managed to get them in my size, on the last chance to buy rack! After seeing these on so many blogs I decided to buy them and I really recommend them! They’re so comfy and the fact that they’re high waisted means that they’ll look really pretty with crop tops in spring and summer.

The next thing I got is this top, which I’m actually wearing right now. At first, I tried it on in the white, with red and navy stripes. I loved it but wasn’t sure whether to buy it, until I found it in the grey! Grey is my favourite colour to wear and this top is so cute and relaxed. I wore it today with my lace halterneck and Jamie jeans with superstars and it looked really relaxed, but still cute.

The last thing is the iPhone 6! I honestly can’t believe I actually own it. My contract was due an upgrade and I was finally able to get the 6! I decided to get it in silver ( mostly so it will match my outfits). I also have this marble case from h and m which was around £5.99.

Have you guys bought anything new this week?

Are there any posts you’d love me to do?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 


My Three Favourite Palettes | EG

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely day! Recently, I’ve realised that I’ve been doi a lot of posts about makeup, and now I have another one! This week, I’m going to show you my three favourite drugstore eyeshadow palettes. All of these are great for everyday use, or even for going out.

My first favourite is the Ted Baker Rose Gold Trio. This came in a gift set at Christmas so the only place I can find it is on eBay. There are many people selling these, mostly because they were exclusive to this set.

This trio is absolutely gorgeous! It includes three shades, which don’t have names, but I would say they are all kind of a sunset colour. They aren’t matte, but they don’t have that super glittery look, making them very subtle. These are the most pigmented eye shadows I own. They blend really nice, especially with other matte shades.

My favourite thing about this trio is the packaging. I mean look at it! Rose gold, a bloggers dream. It also has a big mirror on the lid, which is really useful for on the go. The packaging is metal, which is really sturdy and great to put in your bag.

My next favourite is the W7 In The Nude palette. During December last year, I went to the clothes show, and all of the w7’s products were 3 for £10. I was luckily enough to pick up this palette, In The Buff and The Cheeky Trio. I love the packaging of this as it is durable and very neautral.

My favourite shades are the matte ones, especially since having green eyes, pink makes them really stand out. I find that the shadows aren’t very pigmented, but are quite build able. Also, this palette is a dupe for the Naked 3 palette!

This is my favourite eyeshadow palette. This is the Barry M Natural Glow Palette 2. It has 6 shadows and a primer. The primer, I have to admit, is terrible. It’s flakey and doesn’t blend at all. But the rest of the palette, oh my gosh! The colours are so pretty and blend able. I use the shimmery colour as a highlight on my cheekbones and have had so many compliments. I love to use the third shade and blend it with the grey. Then I use the lightest colour to define my brows. This palette is very versatile, and extremely affordable.

I really enjoy using Barry Ms products because they are cruelty free. Many brands aren’t, and I’m really trying to use cruelty free brands as I don’t see any need for animal testing.

This palette is very compact and also has a mirror on the lid. This would also be great for travelling and topping up either your highlight, eyeshadow or defining your brows.

Have you guys got a favourite palette?

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

Mini Haul | EG

Recently I went into town with some of my friends and bought a few things. After not blogging for a week or two I thought it was about time I wrote something up for you guys.

These are just the bits of makeup that I bought from a few places.  

After seeing that primark have a huge new make up range, I decided to try their new bb cream. I prefer using bb cream to foundation because it sits nicer on my face and gives my skin a more even look.

I got one of lightest ones because im quite pale and I definitely didn’t want the dreaded orange line along my jaw. From the picture, you can see that it matches my skin nicely and is not cakes. Of course, I only did a swatch and didn’t rub it in as I would on my face.

Personally, I really like this product. It smells slightly like cucumber which is really refreshing and it is also very moisturising. However it isn’t extremely pigmented, but when it’s priced at only £2.50 I’m not going to complain that it isn’t Mac quality.

The next thing I bought was a concealer. In the T.J Hughes in my city centre they sell all of the w7 range and loads of nice makeup. I decided to pick up the ‘go’ concealer as it seems pretty similar to my benefit ‘boi-ing’ concealer and I don’t want to run out of it.

The ‘go’ concealer is extremely similar to the benefit concealer because it has the same consistency and colour. I actually got a lighter colour in the w7 concealer so it will lighten my under eyes. I like using a wax concealer because I find that it lasts alt longer than liquid. I got this for just £2.99 which I think is great considering how similar it is to the benefit concealer.

The next thing I got was another mascara. I currently use the waterproof max volume flash by rimmel. This is the best mascara I’ve ever used, I find that it looks even nicer on my lashes than the ‘they’re real’ by benefit. This isn’t on sale anymore, so I picked one up in T.J Hughes for just £3.99.

The last thing I bought is definitely my favourite. Primark have also started doing lip crayons and when I saw this one I fell in love with it.


It’s a velvet matte lip crayon and was just £2! It feels really lovely to apply and doesn’t dry my lips. It is quite a cool toned brown-pink colour. Combined with a lighter pnik nude colour it looks really nice with some shadows from the w7 in the nude palette.

Have you guys bought any new things you love?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 

10 gifts for friends | EG♡

With October over *cry* it’s brings us to November. And I don’t know what you guys think, but for me that means one month until Christmas!! There’s always certain people who are impossible to buy for so I’ve made it a bit easier for you guys by making a list of lovely presents for the impossible recipients!

1- a photo album

Everyone takes photos and likes to cherish them and keep them in their phone. A better way to look at photos is to put them into an album! You could print off pictures from places you’ve been together or would like to go or pictures together and keep them all in an album. This is such a cute present as it’s cheap, thoughtful and shows you really care about them.

2- bath items

Everyone loves to smell nice right? Lush make such lovely things that make cute gifts or you could buy one of their gift boxes!

3- scrapbook

This is very similar to the photo album, in that you add photos and things, but you can also add concert tickets or passes from places you’ve been and add old cinema tickets and things.

4- personalise something

There are so many websites that you can personalise items on now. Whether it’s a phone case, mug or even wrapping paper you can make your present tailored just for that person. My favourite is the phone case as it’s something that is used all the time.

5- cosy things

Winter is freezing, especially in the uk! How about a gift of some fluffy pyjamas, a new jumper or some cute socks? All of these make lovely presents and would defiantly be appreciated.

6- mix & match

Another fun thing you could make is a hamper of items with a theme. For example you could do a pamper one with creams, nail polishes, films and face masks. You could also do a cosy night in one with chocolate, hot chocolates, marshmallows and homemade cookies!

7- jewellery

An easy and cute gift is jewellery. I love picking jewellery for friends because I can tell what they’d like. It shows personality and a personal touch.

8- join up

Why don’t you get everyone to put a bit of money in and buy a bigger present? That way you could get something like a Pandora or concert tickets. We’ve done this a lot in my group and its lovely when we put it together.

9- day out

Why don’t you treat your friend to a day out somewhere or a meal? Have they been dreaming of a shopping trip? Why don’t you pay for their travel and take them there!

10-homemade party

You could get all of your friends and people to come over and throw a surprise party! Everyone could bring presents and you could set out food and surprise your friend with treats and gifts!

Penpals | EG♡

I love the idea of writing to people. Ever since I was little I would write letters to the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and any other people who I thought would be interested. Lately I’ve been wanting to write to people more. I like the idea of being in contact with someone else through writing ( another reason why I started my blog ) . 

It would be especially cool to write to people in other countries, because I could send things from the uk. I think it’s a great way to get into contact with others and share your love of writing. I’ve been looking on different sites but I don’t really know what to do.

Does anyone have any sites they would recommend? 

Thankyou! & have a lovely day!

Grace X 

diy cute snow globe! | EG♡

If you’re like me and keep things just because they look nice then you’ll love this. I had my fentimans rose lemonade on my desk and decided it was about time I did something with it. So I cleaned it out ( it still smells of roses ) and decided to turn it into a snow globe.

You will need: 

An old bottle or jar, preferably with a screw lid.



1- clean out your jar/ bottle / container with warm soapy water.

2- wait for it to dry then fill it half way with water and add some glitter.

3- shake this for a while and then add more water.

4- add more glitter and shake it.

5- done! 

How easy is that? This makes such a cute piece for your room, or even a gift for a friend. It’s individual and personalisable.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

easy diy decor! cute and simple | EG♡

Hi everyone! Today I have four easy diys to add some detail to your room! These can be used anywhere in your house and adapted to what you have and where you’d like it. Let’s get started!

Money jar.

This is a super simple diy. You literally just wait until you’ve finished your coffee or jam jar then start saving! I usually use my change to save up and I actually got up to £40! This is a great way to save and looks cute to. You could also make it into a candle using melted wax or out fairy lights inside and use them as a lamp. Basically, jars are my favourite things. Ever.

Draw organiser.

You will need:

An old shoe box



Wrapping paper

Firstly cut the lid off your box. Then cut this into small pieces. Wrap these in your wrapping paper and cover the inside of your box in wrapping paper. Slot your smaller pieces into the box to create sections, but make them a bit bigger so they stay upright themselves. This way you can adjust them to fit your items.

I’ve never seen this done before, I literally just made it up this morning when I was organising my room. I really love this and can’t wait to do it again.

Accessory holder.

I basically had a horrible looking black holder that I didn’t like. So I decided to paint it! I did this using nail varnish as I had ran out of acrylic paint and I need to do one more coat of it. On the inside I used white paper to cover the inside. All you’ll need is glue, white paint and paper.

Jewellery and bobby pin holders.

These are another simple diy. Ages ago I went for afternoon tea and we had jam in these little jars. I took them home and cleaned them out. I now use them to hold my bobby pins and rings. They look super cute on my dressing table and were free ( technically ) I also use the lids to hold my little badges and some earrings. They have little quotes inside.

There you go! Not one of these diys cost more than £5! Any ideas? Comment them below!

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Have a lovely day!

Grace x