May Favourites | EG

After posting my June wish list last week, I realised that I hadn’t done my May favourites! I know, I’m an awful blogger. This week I’ve decided to share my favourite this month, including clothes, makeup and and other random bits! I’ve started to figure out the kind of look I would like my blog to have, as I have moved away from the more girly, sticker obsessed blogger I once was. I hope you all still enjoy reading my posts, and I would always appreciate recommendations of what you would like to see!


Recently I’ve become a bit makeup obsessed. I never use to wear makeup until around Christmas, and then suddenly the majority of my wages have been blown on the newest primer!

These are my favourite pieces from this month that I’ve really enjoyed using.


This past month I’ve loved having a bit of tan for once! I burn almost instantly so fake tan has been a good friend of mine this month. Don’t worry though, I haven’t gone full out orange, just a subtle bronze. The Benefit Hoola Bronzer has been my absolute favourite to bronze up my face with and contour a little. It looks so pretty and is very matte, so it looks really nice with a highlighter.

Another thing that I’ve really enjoyed using is the Freedom Pro Studio Fixing Spray. I couldn’t find the matte one, which is the one I would’ve rather had, yet for £5 I wasn’t going to leave this behind. It is really good actually. It has kind of a nutty smell to it? Maybe that is just me. I honestly think that my makeup stays on so much better, especially since I prefer wearing lighter coverage on my face. I would definately recommend it.


I adore the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, as do countless youtubers and bloggers. It is honestly amazing! I was not one for plastic brushes as I preferred proper bristles, yet after using this I am converted! I got the waterproof one as it holds the curl in your lashes a lot better, however I think I would like to purchase the one with argan oil in as that sounds really good too!


Recently I have really got into lip products. I was able to pick up this revolution lipstick in ‘looking ahead’ from Superdrug and it is the prettiest pink brown colour. If you read my blog a lot, you’ll know I am a lover of these kinds of colours.

I’m sure everyone knows that nyx is now coming to boots! I squealed when I saw it in my local store. Recently I went back and picked up a Butter Gloss in Praline. It is a lovely light brown colour and feels like velvet on the lips. The colour looks so lovely over the revolution lipstick too!


My two favourite clothing items have been my topshop mom jeans and my adidas superstars. Paired together the look so laid back, yet stylish. The trainers are the comfiest shoes I’ve honestly ever owned! Since I’m a 6 I can get the children’s ones, and when you sign up you get 15% off, so these shoes cost just £37.95 with postage! White is great for summer and hopefully they stay this white.

Other favourites

My favourite youtuber this month has been McKenna Kalein. Her channel, Simply_kenna is so full of positivity. Her fashion is lovely and she does such good makeup tutorials. McKenna is a Buddhist, and she teaches about some of her beliefs as well. I really think you guys should check her channel out, but you might become addicted!

Another youtuber that I’ve really enjoyed watching is Gabriella Lindley. I love both of her channels but my favourite recently has been her blogs on Planet Gabb. She hasn’t updated one in a few days and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for it!

My favourite albums this month have been Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, and Wiped Out by The Neighbourhood. You guys know I am the biggest Ariana grande fan, and when the album was released I fell in love! Right now I’m listening to Let Me Love You. My favourite are Leave Me Lonely and Knew Better/Forever Boy. On The Neighbourhoods new album my favourites are Daddy Issues and Baby Came Home 2/ Valetines. I definately recommend checking these albums out as they are so so good!

What were your favourites this month? Comment down below!

Have a lovely day,

Grace X 


Sleek vs Nyx : Matte Lips | EG

Ever since the Kylie Lip Kits have been released, the popularity of matte lipsticks has exploded. A matte lip is an easy everyday go to and suits everyone. Most colours are a ‘your lips but better’ shade, but some are bright pops of colour! Recently in the Boots near me, a nyx counter opened up. It’s safe to say I ran to it. Yes, I did literally run to the makeup. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d completely forgotten that nyx was coming to Boots. I managed to get to the counter and pick up a Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes. Also, from the same Boots, I finally managed to get a Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit. This has been crowned as one of the best dupes for Kylie Jenners ‘ dolce k ‘.

Today I have a review for you guys! I’ve decided to give you the lowdown on two of the biggest dupes of the moment.

First off is the packaging. I think that the nyx packaging is really cute. That’s a strange way to describe it but I just think that the shape and materials used work so well together. I love the little heart on it to. The Sleek packaging is a lot easier when taking photos, as the nyx lip cream rolls everywhere! ( not good for someone who needs a neat Instagram theme ) . The packaging is quite similar in colouring, apart from with the Sleek product, you can see the lip cream whereas the nyx bottle is the colour that is inside.

Next is the applicators. Both are a fluffy sponge and very soft. However, the Sleek applicator is a lot longer and thinner, which can be hard when applying the product in the lips as it can be messy. However, you can use the tip to get a precise line. The nyx applicator is much like any other lip applicator. It is short and easy to control, and covers my lips in a few swipes.

Obviously, the part you’ve all been waiting for: swatches. These colours look so similar from the packaging, yet are actually very different. The nyx lip cream is a lot more red-toned meaning it dries as more of a red-pink colour. On the other hand, the Sleek lip cream is more cool toned, and dries as a lovely mauve colour.

As you can see the Sleek lip cream dries a lot darker than the nyx one. It also clings to every line on my skin, and it also does this with your lips, so be sure to exfoliate them before!

The consistency of the nyx lip cream is a lot more moisturising than the Sleek lip cream. Although I do still apply lip balm before, it comes out a lot creamier, whereas the Sleek lip cream is quite thin, although extremely pigmented. Also, another nice thing about the nyx lip cream is that it smells of vanilla! This is one of my favourite scents so this is definately a positive for me!

The price of the Sleek lip cream is £4.99, which is extremely good for what you get. The sleek lip cream lasts all day! I’ve been wearing it today and I put it on around 11:30, went to the park and had an ice cream, then came back and had dinner and it is still on! For £4.99 you can’t miss out!

The price of the nyx lip cream is £5.50 which is also really affordable. The range of colours is a lot wider from nyx, and they go from pinks to reds to purples! I am yet to wear it for a whole day, but I will definately report back when I do!

Which lip cream is your favourite? Do you have any favourite brands?

Also, what posts would you like to see? Comment below!

Have a lovely day!

Grace X

Haul | EG

Over the past few weeks,I have spent alot of money. I did earn it all myself, so is there really any problem? Personally, I love shopping and looking at the newest things in, whether it be makeup, home or clothes. 
Here’s a few of the things I’ve purchased over the last few weeks.

First, I’ve got to start off with my favourite purchase. I’ve been looking at Real Techniques brushes ever since I’ve got in to makeup. Most people dream of having five, and luckily I was able to get my hands on the deluxe gift set. I purchased this from tk maxx, which I actually think is my new favourite shop. These cost me just £20.99!  One of these brushes usually sells for around £15-25, so I knew I had to get these when I saw them. My favourite brush is the tapered foundation brush. I also really enjoy using the angled highlighter brush.

Another beauty item that I bought is the Barry M Flawless Colour Correctiong Primer. This is my dream primer. It claims to correct redness, smooth and mattify skin and minimise pores. I can tell you that it does all of this! I used it today and my skin had no redness and my makeup stayed matte all day. This cost me £4.99 ( I think ) and was buy one get one half price, so I also picked up a nail varnish.

The next thing I purchased was from Primark. Since its started to become sunnier I decided I would buy some more Spring tops. I picked this up for around £6 and it is a knitted tank top. It has a high square neck with thin straps and is kind of ribbed. The pattern is really pretty and the burgundy colour look great with a denim skirt or shorts.

The next thing I am extremely excited about. I think most people have heard of Brandy Melville. They sell the kind of clothes you would see on tumblr or on a polyvore board. These knitted tops from Primark are dupes for the Brandy ones and were only £6 each? I got a white and a dark grey, but they also had a striped one. These are really cute and would look great with some shorts. They are thick knitted, which means they will still keep you warm even though they are sleeveless.

Have you guys bought anything you love recently?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X

Ideas for stocking fillers | EG

I don’t know if everyone has stockings, but it’s a bit of a tradition over here. I’ve found some really cute things that would be great for stockings or even secret Santas!

Asos pom-pom keyring – £8

Snowflake bracelet – £6.50 asos marketplace

Fluffy iPhone 6 case – £8 missguided

Elderflower & prosecco candle – £7.99 new look

Soap & glory eyes box – £18 boots

I’ve seen these Pom Pom key rings everywhere! I love all of the colours and they’re just so cute. I have two already! They add the finishing touch to a bag and look really cute on your keys too.

This snowflake bracelet is really festive and comes in three colours – gold, rose gold and silver. Rose gold is really on trend at the moment as is being used on everything. This bracelet is really dainty and pretty.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these cases! They’re so so cute! You can also buy similar ones at new look and skinny dip. They’re not subtle at all, but who cares when they’re this cute?

Everyone raves about candles, I think they’re a lovely present if you can choose the right smell. I smelt this one in new look and it is so lovely, it’s quite floral and light, not sickly sweet at all. The packaging is simple and cute too.

This is probably more of a present but I couldn’t not add it in. Big companies make so many gift sets at Christmas. My personal favourites are the benefit ones that include all of their signature products. This soap and glory one is amazing! It includes :SOAP & GLORY™ THICK & FAST™ HD Mascara in Film Noir, SOAP & GLORY™ SMOULDER KOHL™ Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Superblack, SUPERCAT™ Extreme Eyeliner Pen in Carbon Black, SOAP & GLORY™ ARCHERY™ Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil in Brownie Points.

How good does that sound! Soap and glorys eye products are really amazing too!

Have you guys got a Wishlist for Christmas?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 

Arianator tag | EG♡

Today I have a post that I guess only some people will find interesting, but I really wanted to do it! It’s the arianator tag and you basically answer questions about Ariana!

1- from what source did you first hear about Ariana?

I first saw Ariana on victorious, I had heard some of her covers before on YouTube too. She also had a ‘freaky forever’ series and did funny covers with her friends.

2- what fandom are you mostly in?

I would say Instagram probably but I did have a fahlo account.

3- what was the first song you heard by Ariana?

The first song I heard by Ariana that was her own was “higher” which was yeaaaars ago now! But once she got bigger it was “the way”. 

4- top 10 songs that she’s produced?

( in no order )

1- honeymoon avenue

2- hands on me ft asap ferg

3- be my baby ft cashmere cat

4- break your heart right back ft childish gambino

5- the way ft Mac Miller

6- right there ft big Sean

7- tattooed heart

8- emotions Whitney Houston cover

9- higher

10- you will never know

5- favourite cover she has done?

Emotions is my all time favourite! Her whistle tones are insane!! Other than that maybe “shoes” which is a joke cover.

6- what’s your favourite thing about the fandom?

Everyone is really nice in the fandom. Also, everyone is super supportive of Ariana, but you can tell a fake fan straight away.

7- what is your favourite thing about Ariana?

Everything?? Her hair, style voice and she’s just being herself.

8- who do you ship her with?

Either jai or Nathan because they were cute.

9- favourite foetus Ariana outfit?

There’s a specific one that she wore that was a long 50’s style dress with clouds on and it was adorable!

10- favourite honeymoon tour outfit?


11- favourite cat quote?


I tag anyone who likes Ariana grande!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

Mini Haul | EG♡

Recently I went shopping and bought some new things for Autumn! I love the colours and prints that come out this time of year and thought I’d treat myself to a couple of things.

Garner micellar cleansing water – £3.50

Pattern skirt – newlook £19.99

Shoes – topshop £32

So many bloggers have raved about this water and after seeing my friend use it I realised how amazing it actually is! I persuaded my mum to get it because I knew she’d love it. She’s yet to try it out but I know she’ll love it. It removes make up that you don’t even think you have on, it’s amazing how much more it removes!

I saw one of the employees at new look wearing this skirt and fell in love with it! I looked around so many new looks but none of them had it in my size. Yesterday when I was shopping this one was on the last chance to buy rack in my size, I couldn’t believe it! Of course I went to the till and bought it straight away.

I need some new shoes for winter as my t-bars are now 2 years old. I saw these in topshop a while ago and I think they’re adorable! They’re kind of like doc martens but they’re suede. Since they’re black, they’ll match everything. Also they’re real leather and for £32 that’s not bad at all!

Have you guys got any new purchases?

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

Penpals | EG♡

I love the idea of writing to people. Ever since I was little I would write letters to the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and any other people who I thought would be interested. Lately I’ve been wanting to write to people more. I like the idea of being in contact with someone else through writing ( another reason why I started my blog ) . 

It would be especially cool to write to people in other countries, because I could send things from the uk. I think it’s a great way to get into contact with others and share your love of writing. I’ve been looking on different sites but I don’t really know what to do.

Does anyone have any sites they would recommend? 

Thankyou! & have a lovely day!

Grace X