Nails that won’t let you down | EG

We all know the story, one shower and your nails are chipped, they begin to crack and the nail varnish fades after a few days. Being extremely interested in nails and nail art, I like to buy products that last and when I saw the Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish (what a mouthful) I knew I had to try it.

Barry M is a great brand. The makeup is fantastic, and so are the nail polishes- and I’m yet to try their new primers. Barry M – from what I’ve been told – do not test on animals, which is an extreme positive as many brands, including makeup giant MAC ( who are notorious for this ) do test on animals.

I own three of the nail polishes and they are all fantastic. My favourite is dark side of the shroom which is a mauve colour. I also own do you pink I’m sexy and vengeance is wine. The polishes themselves are extremely pigmented and build able. One coat of the darker shades is all you’d need, unless you want a really deep colour

The brush of the polishes is wide so you can paint your whole and nail without covering your fingers in it. The packaging is also gorgeous- rose gold packaging anyone?

The showstopper is the top coat. Oh my gosh I’ve never used one that is so good. Barry M does make the best nail polishes, mine usually last for a week or two. This topcoat makes your nails look like gels. At first I thought ” No that’s not possible ” but now it’s a whole other story! My nail polish stays for up to 2 weeks- without chips and the only reason I have to remove it is because it’s grown down so far.

My favourite thing is the range of colours. There are bright colours, muted nudes and dark reds. Whatever colour your looking for, this range will most likely have it.

I would definately recommend buying these polishes, especially as they are usually part of a deal in a range of shops!

Have you guys got a favourite brand? 

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 


What I’ve Been Loving : Barry M | EG

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in ages. This week has been really busy. But, that means I have more great ideas stored up for you guys!

Recently I’ve got into make up a bit more and I’ve really been enjoying Barry Ms range. Boots had a 3 for 2 on the new Barry M nail varnishes. I’ve been desperate to try these and I picked the two new Autumn colours : dark side of the shroom and vengeance is wine.

Barry M claim that the nail varnishes last up to ten days without chipping. I can claim that this is true! I painted my nails last Saturday before I went to a concert and they have lasted all week and through this morning when I spent four hours with my hands in hot soapy water. I couldn’t believe it when I got home and my nails were chip free! I have used both colours and recently posted a picture on Instagram of ‘ dark side of the shroom’ which is a dark nude colour.

Vengeance is wine is quite a winter colour. It is a deep wine colour that you only need two coats of for it to be beautiful. My nails have stayed shiny all week and I’ve a lot of compliments too.

I’ve also been loving the ‘ Natural Glow Pallete 2’ This has a lot of neutral shimmers and matte eyeshadows that blend to give a really nice neautral smoky eye. I did my mums eyeshadow for when she went out and it looked really pretty. The glitter isn’t too much, it is very subtle and catches the light lovely. Also the peachy colour is great for defining brows!

What have you guys been loving?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X

August favourites! | EG♡

I rarely do favourites posts but this month I feel like I have to! I have really enjoyed this month ( obviously because of the holidays ) and these are a few things that I’ve loved this month.

Victoria’s Secret bag

This bag is so cute! It’s the perfect size to carry my things that I need and the colours are gorgeous. It also has a little charm and now on the zip which is really sweet. If you guys want a what’s in my bag post I can do one for you too!

Rose gold watch- newlook

I got this for Christmas last year and wore it every day then kind of forgot about it. Recently I’ve been wearing it every day and I love it. It goes with all of my outfits and has the right amount of sparkle on it too.

Nail gems 

This huge pack of nail gems was given to me by my friend for secret Santa. The colours are all lovely and match every nail varnish. I wore silver ones recently with a glitter polish and they looked so pretty.

Rommel London- brow this way

I don’t wear any makeup, but I feel like this is a must. I have thick eyebrows that never seem to stay the way I brush them. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to anyone. It goes on and dries clear, as my eyebrows are dark I don’t want to put any coloured gel on them. It is a really good product, I will definitely be repurchasing.

Anatomicals – no old bags allowed

I got this in the plane on my way home for just £5! You take a small bit and rub it under your eyes to reduce darkness and bags. I have really got into skincare this month and love looking after my skin. I feel like this makes a big difference, I can definitely see it in myself. For just £5 I will be repurchasing this.

Ciate nail polish & topshop exhibit nail polish 

Cite is now my go to top and base coat. I have the underwear base coat and silicone top coat. Both of them are such good quality and really make my nails look like gel. I got 10 for £10 at the clothes show last December and they have all lasted really well, none of the colours have ran out yet. 

Topshop exhibit is such a pretty colour. I do think it’s more of an autumnal colour, but I love it too much to wait. It stays on for ages and pretty red and purple tones in it. I can’t wait to use it again.

what have you guys been loving?

I also have some reviews coming up for you!

Also, you can check out my new Instagram account @elizabethgracieblog!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

tk maxx buys | EG♡

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who have bought beautiful products from tk maxx! Many people are picking up designer brands from there! I didn’t know that tk maxx even sold such things! I obviously headed straight for the hom section and the beauty section.

I bought my first cath kidston mug! I’m drink tea every day so I obviously need a nice cup to drink it with! This was £3.75 rrp £5, which is such a good price. I’ve wanted a cath kidston mug for ages and now I have one. Yay.

I didn’t know that tk maxx was SO good for nail products. They had ciate, essie, opi, Jessica and China glaze! When I lay eyes on his one I had to have it! It was only £3.99. I thought that China glaze was only available in America so when I found this I was super happy. I got 546 ‘go go pink’ and its a lovely pastel pink shade, which I know I’ll be wearing all summer!

Have you guys ever found something great in tk maxx? Comment below!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

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outfit of the day | EG♡

Today was warm but windy where I was. There was some rain, but let’s just pretend that didn’t happen! 


cardigan & playsuit – newlook

shoes – converse all star


 rings – river island

 bangle – topshop

 vivienne westwood bracelet – vivienne westwood

marble bracelet – newlook


tattoo – metallic tattoos from new look

nail varnish – bourjous paris

I went to a kind of festival today. We looked around stalls and listened to music. There were so many stores with vintage clothes and cute jewellery, but sadly I spent all of my money on food. I should probably think that through next time. 

My cardigan is oversized and looks really pretty with the playsuit. Te playsuit has a paisley pattern all over it in different tones of red. It’s comfy and has a high neck, which is good because I burn.

I’ve always found that bourjour nail varnish lasts ages! Especially the glitter; it will probably stay on for two weeks now.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

the past couple days | EG♡

Woah! These past few days have gone so quick and I’m super sorry I haven’t blogged for you guys! I’ve actually not stopped since thursday and now I finally have time to sit down and type!

Firstly I’ve painted my nails using:

No7 ‘in the stars’

Barry M ‘prickly pear’

Ciate ‘ underwear’ base coat

Ciate ‘silicone top coat’

At the moment this is my favourite nail varnish combination. Lilac is my favourite color! I especially love how ‘ in the stars’ looks over the top. It actually looks great over any mani though. The silicone top coat is a manicure saver! It makes them looks like gel nails and lasts for ages! I will definately be repurchasing it!

Also, on Friday I went to the NEC to see The Vamps live! It was the best concert ever! I bought 5 woven wristbands for only £6! The whole place had such a great atmosphere and everyone was singing and dancing. The support acts were Luke Friend, Union J ( from X factor uk for anyone whose confused ) and The Tide who were from America. I would definately go and see the tide again! Even though The Vamps are known as a popish band, it was definately more like a rock concert. The guitars and drums sounded great and overall I had the best night ever! 

I hope to see them again!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

10 facts about me | EG♡

Just a quick post today! Thought I’d just share a few facts about me. Enjoy!

1- I’ve been to see Ed Sheeran in concert, and it was the best I’ve see been too

2- the breakfast club is my all time favourite film, after that it’s ferris buellers day off and the duff

3- strawberries and chocolate are the best partners ever! my sweet tooth is taking over me

4- I love lush baths, especially the comforter bubble bar

5- ariana grande is my favourite singer, I love her style, hair and music

6- audrey hepburn is my style icon I am always a lover of a poodle dress

7- I have my second piercing done and got my first one done when I was four

8- my favourite colour is pink or lilac

9- I love to play rounders and I love running too

10- id love to go to Disneyland more than anything

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely day!

Grace x