asos gift picks | EG♡

I don’t know about you guys, but I love asos! It’s full of so many products from own products to brands! One of my favourite things to do – and yes it’s sad but I don’t care – is scrolling through the gift category. They always have little quirky gifts that I know I’d love to receive!

dognut card – £3

fortune dispenser -£6.95

sun photo frames – £12

underwater camera – £15

transfer tattoos – £6.50

I love the card! I’m a sucker for cute wordplay especially when it’s animals and food combined! The fortune dispenser has little fortunes that it dispenses and it’s full of them. I think that’s a really cute present. The sun photo frames are quirky and the colours are really nice. I’ve seen so many people using transfer tattoos. I love them! I use them all the time on holiday. These ones are really nice. My favourite thing on here is definitely the camera. I guess it’s a dispensable camera in a waterproof case. It’s such a great idea and a great price too. I will definitely be purchasing it for my holiday!

What about you guys? Do you like my gift picks? What websites do you like for gifts? 

Comment below if you have any!

Have a beautiful day!

Graceeeeee x

( I’m in a really lovely mood )

I’m actually going now byeeee! X


trend:70’s | EG♡

At the moment the shops are overflowing with tassel, suede and crochet. I don’t know about you guys, but I am loving the 70’s trend. I love all of the different materials and the relaxed look of the styles. 


Floppy brim hat- forever 21 £15

Real suede skirt- asos £65

Round sunglasses- urban outfitters £16

Suede tassel bag- amazon £11.88

I wish I could buy all of these items,they’d make a really nice outfit! Definately got my eye on the bag! 70’s is in, get ready for tassels and suede!

Have a great day!

Grace x