What I’ve Been Loving : Barry M | EG

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in ages. This week has been really busy. But, that means I have more great ideas stored up for you guys!

Recently I’ve got into make up a bit more and I’ve really been enjoying Barry Ms range. Boots had a 3 for 2 on the new Barry M nail varnishes. I’ve been desperate to try these and I picked the two new Autumn colours : dark side of the shroom and vengeance is wine.

Barry M claim that the nail varnishes last up to ten days without chipping. I can claim that this is true! I painted my nails last Saturday before I went to a concert and they have lasted all week and through this morning when I spent four hours with my hands in hot soapy water. I couldn’t believe it when I got home and my nails were chip free! I have used both colours and recently posted a picture on Instagram of ‘ dark side of the shroom’ which is a dark nude colour.

Vengeance is wine is quite a winter colour. It is a deep wine colour that you only need two coats of for it to be beautiful. My nails have stayed shiny all week and I’ve a lot of compliments too.

I’ve also been loving the ‘ Natural Glow Pallete 2’ This has a lot of neutral shimmers and matte eyeshadows that blend to give a really nice neautral smoky eye. I did my mums eyeshadow for when she went out and it looked really pretty. The glitter isn’t too much, it is very subtle and catches the light lovely. Also the peachy colour is great for defining brows!

What have you guys been loving?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X


face scrubs : clean & clear vs soap & glory | EG♡

I have searched for products that suit my skin for a while. There are many rumours that scrubs are bad for your skin, but I cant help but use them. They leave my skin feeling clean and soft and looking fresher. Recently I have tried out the soap & glory “scrub of your life” after always using the clean & clear “exfoliating daily wash”. Here’s my verdict.

Clean & Clear exfoliating daily wash

This has been my number one face product for a long time and really does make a difference. It leaves my skin feeling soft and looking clear. The packaging is nice and easy to use and the product itself smells clean and feels nice.


– exfoliates well

– no strange smell

– easy to use

– comes in a range, so can be used with other products


– leaves skin feeling dry, definitely need a moisturiser afterwards

– can leave skin shiny

– doesn’t last all day

Soap & Glory scrub of your life

Recently, it was my birthday, which resulted in my house being flooded with bath and beauty products! I have never really used soap and glory before even though I knew it was a good brand. I have definitely been converted! This scrub is brilliant. The beads are a bit bigger and disperse in to little ones which cleans my face thoroughly. The packaging is adorable ( as always ) and it smells great. My skin is left clean, soft and free of blemishes and blackheads.


– cleans skin extremely thoroughly 

– smells great

– packaging is adorable

– no moisturiser needed, as it moisturises too

– comes in different sizes 


– can leave skin blushed, but it fades straight away ( and my skin does that when I touch it anyway )

That’s all I can think of!!

What about you guys? Do you have a favourite brand?

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

holiday outfit night #4 | EG♡

Two posts in one day? I forgot to post yesterday so I have two outfits for you today! If you guys want to seethed things along with what I’m wearing on holiday comment below! I’d love to know what you’d like to see. This may be my favourite outfit so far. It looked a lot nicer on than it does lying down.

top – topshop

skort – primark

shoes – topshop

bracelet – boutique 

anklet – independent shop

I’m in love with this skort! It’s SO comfy and the colours are gorgeous! The mint green and orange go really well together. I wore a white top and shoes with this to keep it simple and make the skort the main focus. It’s made of a very light material and is very comfy to wear. I think it was £6 from primark which is bargain of the century if you ask me!

I have this top in three varieties! It’s just so comfy and matches with everything. I did buy the yellow version of it but it was really yellow which didn’t look very good on me. The white matches everything and looks good with any type of bottoms you wear!

My skaters shoes look a bit worse for wear. I do have some brand new ones back at home but I decided I didn’t want to break them in on holiday because they were quite sore without pop socks. But now they’re really comfy and I wear them everywhere! ( as you can see )

My bracelet and anklet will probably be worn every day as they are simple and match everything. I prefer wearing small jewellery as I think it suits me more than bold pieces.

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x

blogging for a month! | EG♡

Hi guys! Today I realised I’ve been blogging for just over a month without even noticing! Although, April has flew by so I guess it’s ok. I’ve really enjoyed blogging. My favourite things have probably been talking to you guys! I love reading and responding to your comments and it’s the best thing knowing that people enjoy my blog.

I only started doing this because I’d love to study fashion journalism- and I thought blogging was a small step in the right direction! I’ve got into ‘the swing of things’ now and I understand what bloggings all about and how to work this thing really.

Basically, this is a just a post to say thankyou very very much! for following, commenting and liking my blog and posts because I really do appreciate it and it’s lovely to know you guys enjoy reading it!

I hope you all have a super day!

Grace x

April favourites | EG♡

Woah! Aprils nearly over already! Is it just me or is this year flying by? I’ve really enjoyed this month and these are a few bits and pieces I’ve been loving…

I started reading Looking For Alaska last year but then gave up on it. I’ve just got back in to it and I’m really enjoying it. I always like to have a book to read and I just finished PS,I love you x. It was really cute and a good story. I found it hard to get in to but I just carried on with it and it was really good!

I started blogging this month and already I’ve done more than I thought I would! I just enjoy it so much and love reading comments and reading other blogs! At first it really confused me but now I understand it and am getting better!

This nail varnish is my absolute favourite. I can’t express my love for this colour in words,it’s just SO pretty! It’s called ‘ milkshake ‘ and is only available during spring/summer time so I spend a lot of the year waiting for it to come out again.

I’ve been using primarks facial wipes and I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin. I never really had a cleansing routine but now these are the main part of it! My mum has also seen a huge difference in her skin too! All round a great product ( plus it’s 50 for £1 )

My iPad! Such a great piece of technology. I just love everything about it. I got it half way through April from selfridges and you can check out that post here. It’s perfect for everything from blogging to gaming.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your April and your day!

Grace x