Shorts 3 ways | EG 

Even though it is still winter here, and yes it is freezing and yes snow is forecast, we can still dream about summer! Maybe even Spring will bring some heat? After going to town with my friends I picked up some denim shorts and months of searching for the perfect ones. I did own the topshop mom shorts, but being so tall they were too short and uncomfortable. I found some ripped dark denim shorts in miss selfridge for just £10! I would link them but they’ve gone out of stock!

I’ve put together three outfits that would be comfy and really pretty in summer.

This outfit is really pretty. Wearing trainers keeps it comfy, without loosing the look. These Roche runs and a baby pink colour and are so comfy! I’ve had this topshop t shirt since last summer, but I bought a new bright white one. It’s great if the sun is out so you won’t burn your shoulders. The shorts are really comfy and look great with the bright white of the t shirt.

This outfit is really casual. The top is from topshop and is in a raglan style. It’s really casual but still looks cool. By wearing monochrome colours, you can match anything. These skater shoes are also from topshop and are really comfy. By wearing little dolly shoe socks, it prevents your shoes rubbing or getting dirty inside.

This is definitely my favourite outfit. The halter top is from topshop and I’ve seen it on multiple you tubers and bloggers. The mustard colour looks really nice next to the denim shorts. Converse match this outfit really well because they are neautral but pull the outfit together. Converse are great if you’re walking a lot or don’t want to wear sandals.

Have you guys got a favourite outfit?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 


yes please! #3| EG♡

Finally it’s summer!! I can finally blog whenever I want! Fingers crossed for sun the whole time 🙂

This is the third part of my little- ok, growing – ‘ yes please ‘ series. Everyone has a wish list right? I really like some new shoes for summer, preferably some trainers ( or sneakers if you say that ) I usually wear skater shoes every day and I have four pairs of them now! ( I’m not obssesed I promise ) 

These are three pairs that I like but obviously I would not choose one due to having no money and whatnot.

I really like the colour of these roshe runs as their quite neautral and a lighter shade of grey. Out come all of the fifty shades of grey jokes.

I already have a pair of converse hi tops but we all know white never stays white. I’d like to try the lower converse after owning 6 pairs of higher converse in the past. White goes with everything and is my favourite colour to wear.

These adidas superstars are everywhere! I really like them although they remind me of build a bear shoes anyone else? I like how they’re quite 90’s and would go with a lot as they’re simple.

What about you guys? Are they’re any shoes you’d love to get? Or any you’d recommend? Comment below 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

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suede and flowers | EG♡

Hiiiii! I know this post is set out differently and all that but I’m going to start posting a few more of my outfits as I’m in looove with clothes. I also love making my own outfits up and putting pieces together.


Suede is great for festivals and is really in this season. My favourite thing about this skirt is the zip. I love the circle at the top. It looks a lot more expensive than it was. They’re everywhere at the moment. Especially in places like topshop, asos and newlook.

My converse are sooooo old and dirty. I do prefer them to look a bit dirty rather than ‘pristine white’. Hopefully this summer I’ll get some new ones. I might go for the lower ones because I haven’t had them yet. Victoria’s Secret ‘coconut passion’ is perfect for summer because the tropical scent of coconut but is still sweet because it smells like vanilla too. It’s my favourite scent!

I think gold jewellery goes with this outfit because of the neautral colours. It stands out against the white and looks really pretty. This coin necklace is from miss selfridge and the ring is from river island. They add detail to a simple outfit.

Yay for soap and glory! This lip balm is very moisturising. I apply it at night because it can be sticky. Then, when I wake up in the morning my lips are super soft! I also apply it before using this lipstick because it can be drying. It’s from the color workshop. I’ve never heard of it before but I got it for a present. As I have dark hair and pale-ish skin it looks quite nice.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s a different layout and all, but don’t worry I will stick to that for other non outfit posts.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

dungaree dress 3 ways | EG♡

Topshop have a dungaree dress in 3 shades of denim at the moment. They have bleach, light and dark. I chose te light one for this post because it’s my favourite and I think it’s more versatile.

sites used:

I really like the white and red contrast tee from newlook. It’s pretty retro and looks cool with the converse. The stripey high neck jumper is the perfect top for spring because it incorporates all of this seasons trends, plus it’s knitted so it keeps you warm with out being boiling. The boots are also from topshop. The fluffy jumper is super warm ( I actually own it! ) and is so soft. It looks lovely with the tan of the timberland boots, I think all together they pull the outfit together