What I Bought This Weekend | EG

Once again, here we are. A Sunday evening! How quick are these weeks going? This weekend I’ve been lucky enough to go shopping a couple of times and buy some things that have been on my Wishlist for months.

First up is this top. It’s so pretty! I bought it from new look for only £5 in the sale. I had been looking at this top for a while, and I was so glad when I saw this in the sale! I picked this up in a size 12 even though, usually I’m in a size 8/10 as it does come up pretty small. It has short sleeves and is cropped with sort of frilly edging. Also, I repurchased the Garnier Micellar Water for the third time, as my others have ran out.

The next thing I got is mom jeans! I have been wanting these for so long, but being so tall, they were never in my size. Luckily, I finally managed to get them in my size, on the last chance to buy rack! After seeing these on so many blogs I decided to buy them and I really recommend them! They’re so comfy and the fact that they’re high waisted means that they’ll look really pretty with crop tops in spring and summer.

The next thing I got is this top, which I’m actually wearing right now. At first, I tried it on in the white, with red and navy stripes. I loved it but wasn’t sure whether to buy it, until I found it in the grey! Grey is my favourite colour to wear and this top is so cute and relaxed. I wore it today with my lace halterneck and Jamie jeans with superstars and it looked really relaxed, but still cute.

The last thing is the iPhone 6! I honestly can’t believe I actually own it. My contract was due an upgrade and I was finally able to get the 6! I decided to get it in silver ( mostly so it will match my outfits). I also have this marble case from h and m which was around £5.99.

Have you guys bought anything new this week?

Are there any posts you’d love me to do?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 


3 concert outfits that will last the night | EG

Whether you’ve been to a concert, are going to one or are at one, we all know that they can get hot, busy and uncomfortable. I’ve put together three outfits that will look really cute but will be comfy at the same time.

 This first one is really casual. I actually own the jeans and top and they look really nice together. This vintage fila jacket is gorgeous! It’s crushed velvet and white, so it will match anything. It’s in the sale on the asos marketplace. As you probably know, your phone will always run out of charge as soon as you go to take a picture or video. This urban outfitters one is really pretty and portable!

This outfits is probably my favourite. This halterneck is in the sale at boohoo! A halterneck is great because it will keep you cool but look really nice too. Fjallkaven kanken bags are really popular and are good for posture too! If you’re like me, you’d probably have a bag full of snacks. Vans are probably the comfiest shoes ever! These old skool vans match everything and won’t hurt your feet after hours of jumping.

If you’re looking for a less casual outfit then this is the one for you. These shoes are really pretty and the lace up detail does lovely with the simply cardigan and jeans. The Bralet is from missguided, they also had it in black too. I think a simple French plait is really chic and comfortable for a concert.

What’s your favourite outfit?

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

current wishes | EG♡

Today I have my list of current wishes! This is kind of like a ‘ yes please ‘post except there’s a lot more things and they cost a bit more.

vans – office £29.99

birkenstocks – asos £49.50

play suit – missguided £35

bralet – missguided £10

astor buckle bangle – Michael kors £95

This is a pretty big wish list! I love all of the things on here, even though I definitely don’t have enough money to buy them all!

I’ve been wanting some slip on vans for ageeeesss and these are in the sale at office.com! They only have a few sizes left but hopefully I can get some. You guys know how much I wear my topshop skater shoes and they are pretty worn out so I might treat myself to these.

Birkenstocks are kind of like marmite I guess. Some people hate them ; others love them. I can’t figure if I do love them or not yet, but I feel like I could pull them off with certain outfits ( and a lot of carelessness ) but I always wear white shoes and I quite like the simplicity of these.

This playsuit is exactly the same as the one from eBay I featured in a post ages ago! I actually bought the one from eBay but it was horrible! The quality was terrible and it looked really bad. This one is a halterneck and is clearly a much better material. It’s so pretty I just want to buy it right now. It would look quite cute with the Birkenstocks now I think about it.

This bralet would go perfect with my floral playsuit from h and m as it has criss cross straps. It would look really pretty underneath and for £10 you can’t go wrong! I will probably buy this and hopefully feature in a future post! They also have it in grey in the sale for £5!

This last wish is huge! I mean huge! I just think this is such a pretty bracelet, especially in the rose gold. There’s another one I like in the sale which is rose gold with little diamonds in it. Bangles are hard to find because I have such tiny wrists it’s hard to get one that fits me! However, they’re my favourite piece of jewellery so it’s kind of a catch 22. 

Have a lovely day! 

Do you have any wishes?

Grace x

holiday outfit night #7 | EG♡

Today we went to the beach and it was boiling! In the evening we went out for ice cream ( I obviously had chocolate and coconut ) and went to a hotel to look around the shops and listen to the entertainment. I wore my plays it from h and m because it’s super comfy.

play suit – h&m

shoes – topshop

scrunchie – h&m

Once again I’m wearing my floral play suit! Of course! It’s so comfy and I love the cross detail on the back. I can’t not wear it. My pink scrunchie matches perfectly with the flowers in the pattern. My shoes look soooo worm, it’s horrible. I promise as soon as I’m home I’ll wear my brand new ones! These are just simple white skater shoes, so they basically go with any outfit.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x