June Wishes | EG

Once again, I am still trying to figure out the theme I would like for my blog! I really want to create a look and content that people will enjoy, yet at the moment I feel like I’m just making posts so I can say I’ve written one. This week I’ve gathered a few pieces that I have been looking at for a while, I hope you enjoy this post. 

If you have any ideas for posts you would like to see then please leave a comment below.

    Yet again, Missguided has my heart. The clothes that they are bringing in are so gorgeous and get prettier every time! This month I’ve been in love with this embroidered playsuit! It’s so gorgeous, yet I have no where to wear it. I think it would be really pretty paired with some lace up flats and tights.
Next is this two tone bomber jacket. I don’t know if you can tell, but I have a thing for jackets this week. A jacket can make or break an outfit, and this one is so gorgeous and neautral; it would pair with so many colours. Missguideds quality of clothing is very high and the pieces I have from there last ages!

The next thing is also a jacket. Oops. However, this jacket is all of my dreams wrapped into one item of clothing. It is the perfect Spring lightweight jacket, even though it’s apparently summer in Britain right now. The detail of the belt and the zips is in silver which is so pretty, and for £40 this is a steal.

Another item that has been on my favourites for a while is this Morphe palette. For £18.25 you get 35 rich pigmented muted pink shades. Some are matte and some are shimmery. This is the perfect palette and has all of the colours you would need! I feel like pinks really bring out green eyes,which is what I have so this palette would be great.

The last wish is this denim jacket. After seeing youtuber and model Sophia Mitchell wearing an oversized denim jacket and velvet choker, I’ve wanted one. I think it is such a cool look and has a really chilled vibe to it. I also have a thing for th trend of lace up chokers, infact anything lace up pretty much has my heart.

Have you guys got any wishes this week? Or have you bought anything that you love? Comment below!

Have a lovely day,

Grace X 


current wishes | EG♡

Today I have my list of current wishes! This is kind of like a ‘ yes please ‘post except there’s a lot more things and they cost a bit more.

vans – office £29.99

birkenstocks – asos £49.50

play suit – missguided £35

bralet – missguided £10

astor buckle bangle – Michael kors £95

This is a pretty big wish list! I love all of the things on here, even though I definitely don’t have enough money to buy them all!

I’ve been wanting some slip on vans for ageeeesss and these are in the sale at office.com! They only have a few sizes left but hopefully I can get some. You guys know how much I wear my topshop skater shoes and they are pretty worn out so I might treat myself to these.

Birkenstocks are kind of like marmite I guess. Some people hate them ; others love them. I can’t figure if I do love them or not yet, but I feel like I could pull them off with certain outfits ( and a lot of carelessness ) but I always wear white shoes and I quite like the simplicity of these.

This playsuit is exactly the same as the one from eBay I featured in a post ages ago! I actually bought the one from eBay but it was horrible! The quality was terrible and it looked really bad. This one is a halterneck and is clearly a much better material. It’s so pretty I just want to buy it right now. It would look quite cute with the Birkenstocks now I think about it.

This bralet would go perfect with my floral playsuit from h and m as it has criss cross straps. It would look really pretty underneath and for £10 you can’t go wrong! I will probably buy this and hopefully feature in a future post! They also have it in grey in the sale for £5!

This last wish is huge! I mean huge! I just think this is such a pretty bracelet, especially in the rose gold. There’s another one I like in the sale which is rose gold with little diamonds in it. Bangles are hard to find because I have such tiny wrists it’s hard to get one that fits me! However, they’re my favourite piece of jewellery so it’s kind of a catch 22. 

Have a lovely day! 

Do you have any wishes?

Grace x