diy cute snow globe! | EG♡

If you’re like me and keep things just because they look nice then you’ll love this. I had my fentimans rose lemonade on my desk and decided it was about time I did something with it. So I cleaned it out ( it still smells of roses ) and decided to turn it into a snow globe.

You will need: 

An old bottle or jar, preferably with a screw lid.



1- clean out your jar/ bottle / container with warm soapy water.

2- wait for it to dry then fill it half way with water and add some glitter.

3- shake this for a while and then add more water.

4- add more glitter and shake it.

5- done! 

How easy is that? This makes such a cute piece for your room, or even a gift for a friend. It’s individual and personalisable.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x


Instagram! | EG♡

Yes two posts in one day! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made an Instagram! Now you guys can keep up to date with what I’m up to and things. If you’d like to, you can follow me over @elizabethgracieblog!

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x 

easy diy decor! cute and simple | EG♡

Hi everyone! Today I have four easy diys to add some detail to your room! These can be used anywhere in your house and adapted to what you have and where you’d like it. Let’s get started!

Money jar.

This is a super simple diy. You literally just wait until you’ve finished your coffee or jam jar then start saving! I usually use my change to save up and I actually got up to £40! This is a great way to save and looks cute to. You could also make it into a candle using melted wax or out fairy lights inside and use them as a lamp. Basically, jars are my favourite things. Ever.

Draw organiser.

You will need:

An old shoe box



Wrapping paper

Firstly cut the lid off your box. Then cut this into small pieces. Wrap these in your wrapping paper and cover the inside of your box in wrapping paper. Slot your smaller pieces into the box to create sections, but make them a bit bigger so they stay upright themselves. This way you can adjust them to fit your items.

I’ve never seen this done before, I literally just made it up this morning when I was organising my room. I really love this and can’t wait to do it again.

Accessory holder.

I basically had a horrible looking black holder that I didn’t like. So I decided to paint it! I did this using nail varnish as I had ran out of acrylic paint and I need to do one more coat of it. On the inside I used white paper to cover the inside. All you’ll need is glue, white paint and paper.

Jewellery and bobby pin holders.

These are another simple diy. Ages ago I went for afternoon tea and we had jam in these little jars. I took them home and cleaned them out. I now use them to hold my bobby pins and rings. They look super cute on my dressing table and were free ( technically ) I also use the lids to hold my little badges and some earrings. They have little quotes inside.

There you go! Not one of these diys cost more than £5! Any ideas? Comment them below!

I’ve just started an Instagram so follow me @elizabethgracieblog

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

holiday outfit night #6 | EG♡

Another post? Once again I forgot to post outfit five yesterday so I have two posts today! I don’t know how I forgot really considering I’m not really that busy. But anyways! We went out for a meal and I had the best profiteroles I’ve ever had! They came with so much chocolate sauce – always a priority. I wore a really comfy and chilled outfit because I didn’t really want to get ‘ dressed up ‘ plus we went to the beach.

top – topshop

shorts – primark

shoes – topshop

anklet – little shop

bracelet – another little shop 🙂 

This was so comfy, it was literally like wearing pyjamas. I can’t complain really!

My shorts have an Aztec kind of pattern on them and are very light and comfy. This was great considering the heat and humidity of the air over here. They have a coral pink lining and are very easy to match with a lot of items.

I have this white top in pink as well. It’s a nice tee that can be paired with anything from jeans to skirts and is very easy to wear. I always buy white clothes and I just love them. The bottom of this top is scalloped and very pretty.

My jewellery was simple and I wore silver. My bracelet has two little charms on it and my anklet has Hamas hands on it.

My shoes are literally in every outfit post! They go with everything though, you can’t blame me 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

holiday outfit night #4 | EG♡

Two posts in one day? I forgot to post yesterday so I have two outfits for you today! If you guys want to seethed things along with what I’m wearing on holiday comment below! I’d love to know what you’d like to see. This may be my favourite outfit so far. It looked a lot nicer on than it does lying down.

top – topshop

skort – primark

shoes – topshop

bracelet – boutique 

anklet – independent shop

I’m in love with this skort! It’s SO comfy and the colours are gorgeous! The mint green and orange go really well together. I wore a white top and shoes with this to keep it simple and make the skort the main focus. It’s made of a very light material and is very comfy to wear. I think it was £6 from primark which is bargain of the century if you ask me!

I have this top in three varieties! It’s just so comfy and matches with everything. I did buy the yellow version of it but it was really yellow which didn’t look very good on me. The white matches everything and looks good with any type of bottoms you wear!

My skaters shoes look a bit worse for wear. I do have some brand new ones back at home but I decided I didn’t want to break them in on holiday because they were quite sore without pop socks. But now they’re really comfy and I wear them everywhere! ( as you can see )

My bracelet and anklet will probably be worn every day as they are simple and match everything. I prefer wearing small jewellery as I think it suits me more than bold pieces.

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x

holiday outfit night #3 | EG♡

Hi everyone! Today I have my third outfit of my holiday for you all! First off, I’d like to say sorry about how bad my photos are. For some reason as soon as I edit them they go quite blurry. I’m currently trying to get them better quality so you guys can have a better experience on my blog! But anyways, here it is.

top – topshop

mom shorts – topshop

trainers – vans

bracelet – little boutique

hamsa anklet – independent shop

I really love this outfit. However in the heat and humidity these shorts were the most uncomfortable things ever! I felt so self conscious in them and really awkward. They have gone back into my case not to be seen for the rest of the holiday! They look cute though, but they don’t feel it. 

My top, however, was so comfy and I love the flowers and the pastel pink together. It’s very me and cute. It kept me cool too and covered me up. It matches with the shorts really nicely, it’s a shame they weren’t very comfortable.

 Plans are seriously the comfiest shoes ever! They feel like slippers, I’m not even joking. These are my Hawaiian vans that were featured in one of my ‘ yes please ‘ posts. They match with quite a lot as they have a lot of different colours in them. They also come in the slip on version ( which I also love ) and the classic vans style too.

I kept it simple with jewellery but I wore my new anklet that I bought! It’s so cute! It has little diamantes and hamsa hands on it and they move when you walk. I love anything with hamsa hands on, they’re probably my favourite thing on jewellery.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

holiday outfit night #2 | EG♡

Hello again! I’m enjoying posting every night now, even if it is quite late. Today I have my second outfit for you! I have been living in playsuits lately because they’re so comfy! This one is so cute and the pattern is very me.

playsuit – h & m

trainers – Nike

necklace – topshop

anklet – present from my best friend

Isn’t this the cutest playsuit ever?? The back of it is cut lower and has criss cross straps! It would be so pretty with a cute bralette underneath! ( I’m actually considering one from f21 at the moment ) it looks really lovely and is super comfy. I think it was £12.99 and it’s quite new so is probably still available. The dress version of it is in the sale for £4!!

These trainers are SO comfy! They also match perfectly with the flowers on this playsuit. They look purple in the picture but are actually a light baby pink, which obviously I would go for.

My necklace has my Japanese sign on. It’s from topshop and was £6.50! I love dainty pieces like this, especially when they have a meaning.

My anklet was from a friend when she went to Spain. She’s my best friend and I literally wear it all the time. I actually just bought myself another anklet today with hamsa hands on!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x