Weekend Haul | EG

Hiya everyone! I’m so sorry that I haven’t blogged for two weeks, but I’ve had a lot of work to do recently, and I’ve finally gotten chance to sit down and write a post for all of you!

This week I’m going to show you what I’ve bought recently, which is quite a lot more than I usually would do as I got paid and thought I’d treat myself ( a lot )

The Shirt Dress.

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous shirt dress, which was £19.99 from New Look. I’ve been staring at this dress for so long now, and have tried it on atleast three times. This time I tried it on, and new I had to buy it. The pattern is so gorgeous, and as grey is one of my favourite colours to wear I knew I had to get it. It was actually my friend that persuaded me to buy this, as is the case with most of these items.


Today I went into ikea, and as I walked down to the tills, I saw these three cactus sitting together and thought they were so adorable! Yet again, my friend told me to buy them and here I am adoring them. They look so cute all together on my dressing table, and for just £4.50 for all three, you can’t go wrong.


The first makeup piece I bought was the MUA moisturising primer. I have a love for primers, and thought a moisturising one would be so good as a two in one kind of product. The packaging is so simple and looks lovely in my makeup organiser and I can’t wait to use this product and test it out!

The second product I bought was the Freedom Pro Studio fixing spray. Sadly, the matte spray had ran out, which was the one I was looking for. However, at around £5 I thought I might as well try this. My makeup seems to come off easier as I have oily skin, so I thought I would try a fixing spray to see if all of the rave reviews are right.

Have you guys bought anything you love recently?

Are there any blog posts you would like to see?

Have a lovely day,

Grace X 


diy cute snow globe! | EG♡

If you’re like me and keep things just because they look nice then you’ll love this. I had my fentimans rose lemonade on my desk and decided it was about time I did something with it. So I cleaned it out ( it still smells of roses ) and decided to turn it into a snow globe.

You will need: 

An old bottle or jar, preferably with a screw lid.



1- clean out your jar/ bottle / container with warm soapy water.

2- wait for it to dry then fill it half way with water and add some glitter.

3- shake this for a while and then add more water.

4- add more glitter and shake it.

5- done! 

How easy is that? This makes such a cute piece for your room, or even a gift for a friend. It’s individual and personalisable.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

100 followers!! | EG♡

Well this is a bit crazy! Nearly two months into blogging and I’ve already gained 100 followers! No. Not followers. People. 100 people are interested in what I’m rambling on about. That means so much to me. I always think about it as 100 people standing infront of me. When you think about it that way, that’s a lot of people. I love reading your comments and your posts. I also love hearing your opinions and it’s great to know that so many people enjoy reading what I’m writing. It really is cool. Amazing actually, considering I only started this blog for fun.

Well thank you very very much!

and of course have a lovely day!

Grace x

lush fluffy egg review | EG♡ 

This post has been automatically published, I will reply to your comments as soon as I get time!

After weeks of having lush’s ‘fluffy egg’ sitting in its packet, I finally decided to have a bath and use it! What can I say? It’s beautiful!

It kind of smells like snow fairy, lush’s signature Christmas scent! It is seriously sweet and pink! It didn’t have any bubbles as it is a bath fizzer, so I added a bit of ‘the comforter’ bubble bar because it has a similar colour. It made my bath so so pink! As soon as I got in my skin felt so much softer and it was really relaxing. Even though this is only out at Easter, I really recommend it for people who like sweet scents.

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x

the versatile blogger award | EG♡

Please read, you may be a nominee!!

A couple of days ago I received a nomination for ‘the versatile blogger award’ from the lovely awesomeness29 go and check her blog out because it’s pretty amazing!

Here are the rules: 

1- give the name link of the blogger who nominated you ( throw in a thank you if you’d like to! 🙂 )

2- share 7 facts about yourself

3- nominate 15 blogs to do the same!

7 facts about me

1- I love Galaxy bars dipped in tea ( strange but delicious combination )

2- I love cath kidston designs, my favourite is ‘button rose’

3- I love the seaside and everything about it!

4- I have been to Australia and hope to go back one day!

5- I am desperate to go to Disneyland ( no one understands the need I have )

6- I love Audrey Hepburn and her beautiful style

7- My favourite film is The Breakfast Club or Ferris Buellers Day off (70’s are the best)


My 15 nominees 

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Anine Paulsen!


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Bunnies, blankets and bandanas!

Thanks for reading guys hope you all have a brilliant day!

Grace x

top 5 sprays | EG♡

Hiiii everyone! Today I’ve got a little post about something I love! Perfume and body sprays! Yes it’s a strange love but I like to smell good so you know. These are my top 5 that I use regularly.

Zara woman l’eau

Enchanted grace 

One direction our moment 

Boots natural collection vanilla

Ted baker body spray

I usually wear my one direction perfume day to day because I have 3 bottles I may be a bit obsessed .  I just love the sweet smell of it! Boots no longer sell this version of their vanilla spray which was just £2! They now sell a thinner taller bottle for £4.50 which smells nothing like the old one! I really don’t like the new one so I keep the tiny bit of this one I have left for special days. I sprayed this ted baker one ages ago and forgot the smell, I finally found it a few weeks ago and bought it straight away. It’s pink so why wouldn’t I buy it? The enchanted grace perfume was a present for Christmas and I have no idea where it’s from. I think I got it because it has my name on. I love the smell of it though, and once again it’s pink! My friend bought me this mini Zara perfume with some other things for my birthday and it smells gorgeous! It’s really fresh and great for spring. I’ll definitely be purchasing the bigger bottle! 

Have a beautiful day! 

Grace x

diy lip scrub | EG♡

Recently I went for afternoon tea – so posh – and I had some mini jam jars left. So last night at around half ten I decided to make a lip scrub. I kind of experimented and just guessed what to do, but it worked brilliantly!


You will need:

-caster sugar

-a small jar/ tin

-your favourite lip balm! 


1-scoop your lip balm out of the tin using a spoon and put it into a cup

2- add in some sugar ( the less you use the creamier it will be )

3- mix them together until they form one product

4- using a spoon, scoop the mixture into your jar!

5- use until your hearts content ( and your lips are smooth! )

The jam jar I used was actually for strawberry jam, so it had a strawberry label on it. The lip balm I used was also strawberry so it looked very cute!

This would make a great gift or just a treat for yourself!

Hope you enjoy your lip scrub and  enjoyed this post!

Have a happy day!

Grace x