Sleek vs Nyx : Matte Lips | EG

Ever since the Kylie Lip Kits have been released, the popularity of matte lipsticks has exploded. A matte lip is an easy everyday go to and suits everyone. Most colours are a ‘your lips but better’ shade, but some are bright pops of colour! Recently in the Boots near me, a nyx counter opened up. It’s safe to say I ran to it. Yes, I did literally run to the makeup. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d completely forgotten that nyx was coming to Boots. I managed to get to the counter and pick up a Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes. Also, from the same Boots, I finally managed to get a Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Birthday Suit. This has been crowned as one of the best dupes for Kylie Jenners ‘ dolce k ‘.

Today I have a review for you guys! I’ve decided to give you the lowdown on two of the biggest dupes of the moment.

First off is the packaging. I think that the nyx packaging is really cute. That’s a strange way to describe it but I just think that the shape and materials used work so well together. I love the little heart on it to. The Sleek packaging is a lot easier when taking photos, as the nyx lip cream rolls everywhere! ( not good for someone who needs a neat Instagram theme ) . The packaging is quite similar in colouring, apart from with the Sleek product, you can see the lip cream whereas the nyx bottle is the colour that is inside.

Next is the applicators. Both are a fluffy sponge and very soft. However, the Sleek applicator is a lot longer and thinner, which can be hard when applying the product in the lips as it can be messy. However, you can use the tip to get a precise line. The nyx applicator is much like any other lip applicator. It is short and easy to control, and covers my lips in a few swipes.

Obviously, the part you’ve all been waiting for: swatches. These colours look so similar from the packaging, yet are actually very different. The nyx lip cream is a lot more red-toned meaning it dries as more of a red-pink colour. On the other hand, the Sleek lip cream is more cool toned, and dries as a lovely mauve colour.

As you can see the Sleek lip cream dries a lot darker than the nyx one. It also clings to every line on my skin, and it also does this with your lips, so be sure to exfoliate them before!

The consistency of the nyx lip cream is a lot more moisturising than the Sleek lip cream. Although I do still apply lip balm before, it comes out a lot creamier, whereas the Sleek lip cream is quite thin, although extremely pigmented. Also, another nice thing about the nyx lip cream is that it smells of vanilla! This is one of my favourite scents so this is definately a positive for me!

The price of the Sleek lip cream is £4.99, which is extremely good for what you get. The sleek lip cream lasts all day! I’ve been wearing it today and I put it on around 11:30, went to the park and had an ice cream, then came back and had dinner and it is still on! For £4.99 you can’t miss out!

The price of the nyx lip cream is £5.50 which is also really affordable. The range of colours is a lot wider from nyx, and they go from pinks to reds to purples! I am yet to wear it for a whole day, but I will definately report back when I do!

Which lip cream is your favourite? Do you have any favourite brands?

Also, what posts would you like to see? Comment below!

Have a lovely day!

Grace X


Nails that won’t let you down | EG

We all know the story, one shower and your nails are chipped, they begin to crack and the nail varnish fades after a few days. Being extremely interested in nails and nail art, I like to buy products that last and when I saw the Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish (what a mouthful) I knew I had to try it.

Barry M is a great brand. The makeup is fantastic, and so are the nail polishes- and I’m yet to try their new primers. Barry M – from what I’ve been told – do not test on animals, which is an extreme positive as many brands, including makeup giant MAC ( who are notorious for this ) do test on animals.

I own three of the nail polishes and they are all fantastic. My favourite is dark side of the shroom which is a mauve colour. I also own do you pink I’m sexy and vengeance is wine. The polishes themselves are extremely pigmented and build able. One coat of the darker shades is all you’d need, unless you want a really deep colour

The brush of the polishes is wide so you can paint your whole and nail without covering your fingers in it. The packaging is also gorgeous- rose gold packaging anyone?

The showstopper is the top coat. Oh my gosh I’ve never used one that is so good. Barry M does make the best nail polishes, mine usually last for a week or two. This topcoat makes your nails look like gels. At first I thought ” No that’s not possible ” but now it’s a whole other story! My nail polish stays for up to 2 weeks- without chips and the only reason I have to remove it is because it’s grown down so far.

My favourite thing is the range of colours. There are bright colours, muted nudes and dark reds. Whatever colour your looking for, this range will most likely have it.

I would definately recommend buying these polishes, especially as they are usually part of a deal in a range of shops!

Have you guys got a favourite brand? 

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 

High Street vs High End : Highlighters | EG

Today I have a post about something that has suddenly taken over the makeup world: highlighters. Whether it’s contouring, strobing or perfecting your brows, highlighters seem to be the finishing touch. For Christmas I received a small high beam by benefit. I also purchased Asdas highlight and define  for around £2-3- a fraction of the cost of any of Benefits products. 
More well known to beauty bloggers, is benefits high beam. Used by countless youtubers and endless bloggers, everyone seems to love it. My favourite thing about it is the colour. The glitter in it is very fine and is not obvious.

This is Asdas highlight and define, a much bigger product for a lot less money. This blends really well and gives a lovely shimmer.

So how do they compare?

On the top right is Asda and the bottom left if benefit. You can see that they have very similar consistency and very fine shimmer to them. However, Asdas is a little darker whereas Benefits is more of a baby pink.

Highlight and define has a small lip gloss like wand. This makes application extremely easy and build able. High Beam has a kind of nail varnish brush to apply the product with, which can be difficult, but the brush is soft which is really nice.

As you can see, high beam is a lot less creamy than highlight and define. Both apply quite nice, but with Asdas product, more comes out. This could be a problem but as it is quite blend able it’s not major. When I had finished taking those photo, the benefit highlighter had dried on my hand and was hard to blend, whereas the Asda highlighter was still creamy and blend able.


Both highlighters blended nicely, I think which one you prefer depends on how much you like to wear. Personally I prefer a brighter highlighter as it shows up better on my pale skin. However, I also sometimes use a powder highlighter. The benefit blends to just a shimmer whereas the Asda highlight still has some coloured pigment in it.

Overall, I think that Asdas highlighter is the best as it is purse friendly, extremely similar to high beam and blends nicely on the skin. The main thing for me was to find a highlighter that looks great for a low price, and I think I’ve found it!

Have you guys got a favourite highlighter?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 


book review: the year of taking chances by Lucy diamond | EG♡

I have been really getting into reading recently and this was a book that my mum leant to me. This is such a good book and I would definitely recommend it.  

It’s starts off with three women, each spending new year a different way. After a series of events, the three women end up at the same party and get to talking and make several New Years resolutions. Each chapter follows a different woman until they all end up being together in each chapter. You find out whether they follow their resolutions or whether they break them.

I would really recommend this book because it’s an easy read and really positive!

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x

eos review | EG♡


Today I have another review! It seems like I’ve been doing quite a few of these!

Today’s is of the eos set. I got these for my birthday and still haven’t used all of them, since there’s five and I only have one pair of lips.

At the moment I’m using 2: strawberry sherbet and passion fruit. These are the pink and purple ones. Whenever I go out there are 2 things I take with me: a bottle of water and a lip balm.


These are the most moisturising lip balms I’ve used by far, plus they’re organic. I got these in a big pack as a present and they are one of the most used presents I’ve ever received. My favourite thing about them is the packaging- it’s just so so cute!

from left to right

passion fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, summer fruit, strawberry sherbet

You can also get lip balm sticks and hand lotions from eos which I am currently considering buying! I’d also like to try the coconut milk lip balms as I am coconuts #1 fan.

My favourite thing about them is how moisturising they are. They last all day although I use them every couple of hours because I’m so tempted! They also smell sooo nice. The strongest smelling one is mint which I guess would mean you wouldn’t have to use chewing gum!

Overall I would give these 5/5 for being so delicious and pretty! They’re so cute I can’t help staring at them!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

book review: perks of being a wallflower | EG♡

First of all I’d like to say that I’m sorry I haven’t blogged very consistently for a while. I’ve been quite busy lately as I’ve just gone back to school ( blah ) so I’m trying to blog as consistently as I can. But any who! On to the review!

I’m constantly reading so I’ve been going through a few books ( I may have a few more reviews ) and this book seems to be on everyone’s list. I got this last year and have just read it. 

It doesn’t really have a storyline which I guess is ok. In my opinion I think it’s a bit overrated, it doesn’t seem to flow that much. I did finish it and would read it again but I would choose looking for Alaska over this book.

It basically follows a boy through his troubles in high school and basic problems for him like friendships, drugs, parties and his crush. I enjoyed reading this book, but there were parts that were uncomfortable.

There’s also a film for this book too, which I haven’t watched yet, apparently it’s really good though, so I’ll give it a go!

Overall I really enjoyed this book and would read it again. However I didn’t find it as gripping (?) as others books, and found it harder to get into.

Also I’d like to do a Q&A so if you guys have any questions comment them below!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x