Weekend Haul | EG

Hiya everyone! I’m so sorry that I haven’t blogged for two weeks, but I’ve had a lot of work to do recently, and I’ve finally gotten chance to sit down and write a post for all of you!

This week I’m going to show you what I’ve bought recently, which is quite a lot more than I usually would do as I got paid and thought I’d treat myself ( a lot )

The Shirt Dress.

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous shirt dress, which was £19.99 from New Look. I’ve been staring at this dress for so long now, and have tried it on atleast three times. This time I tried it on, and new I had to buy it. The pattern is so gorgeous, and as grey is one of my favourite colours to wear I knew I had to get it. It was actually my friend that persuaded me to buy this, as is the case with most of these items.


Today I went into ikea, and as I walked down to the tills, I saw these three cactus sitting together and thought they were so adorable! Yet again, my friend told me to buy them and here I am adoring them. They look so cute all together on my dressing table, and for just £4.50 for all three, you can’t go wrong.


The first makeup piece I bought was the MUA moisturising primer. I have a love for primers, and thought a moisturising one would be so good as a two in one kind of product. The packaging is so simple and looks lovely in my makeup organiser and I can’t wait to use this product and test it out!

The second product I bought was the Freedom Pro Studio fixing spray. Sadly, the matte spray had ran out, which was the one I was looking for. However, at around £5 I thought I might as well try this. My makeup seems to come off easier as I have oily skin, so I thought I would try a fixing spray to see if all of the rave reviews are right.

Have you guys bought anything you love recently?

Are there any blog posts you would like to see?

Have a lovely day,

Grace X 


easy diy decor! cute and simple | EG♡

Hi everyone! Today I have four easy diys to add some detail to your room! These can be used anywhere in your house and adapted to what you have and where you’d like it. Let’s get started!

Money jar.

This is a super simple diy. You literally just wait until you’ve finished your coffee or jam jar then start saving! I usually use my change to save up and I actually got up to £40! This is a great way to save and looks cute to. You could also make it into a candle using melted wax or out fairy lights inside and use them as a lamp. Basically, jars are my favourite things. Ever.

Draw organiser.

You will need:

An old shoe box



Wrapping paper

Firstly cut the lid off your box. Then cut this into small pieces. Wrap these in your wrapping paper and cover the inside of your box in wrapping paper. Slot your smaller pieces into the box to create sections, but make them a bit bigger so they stay upright themselves. This way you can adjust them to fit your items.

I’ve never seen this done before, I literally just made it up this morning when I was organising my room. I really love this and can’t wait to do it again.

Accessory holder.

I basically had a horrible looking black holder that I didn’t like. So I decided to paint it! I did this using nail varnish as I had ran out of acrylic paint and I need to do one more coat of it. On the inside I used white paper to cover the inside. All you’ll need is glue, white paint and paper.

Jewellery and bobby pin holders.

These are another simple diy. Ages ago I went for afternoon tea and we had jam in these little jars. I took them home and cleaned them out. I now use them to hold my bobby pins and rings. They look super cute on my dressing table and were free ( technically ) I also use the lids to hold my little badges and some earrings. They have little quotes inside.

There you go! Not one of these diys cost more than £5! Any ideas? Comment them below!

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Have a lovely day!

Grace x

desk decor | EG♡

I’m sure everyone’s got to the point where they think ” my desk is so messy I have to do something about this “. If not, you’re very lucky. I was like that last week and decided to sort out my whole room. First I did my desk which I am pretty proud of because it was so crowded!


1- on the left side of my desk I organised all of my jewellery in to three little heart dishes and another heart plate. It looks so much nicer having everything organised. I also have this wooden calendar that I got from new look a couple of years ago in the sale ( along with the three hearts )

2- I have fairy lights everywhere! These flowers are battery operated so they don’t get plugged in. They are stuck around my mirror and remind me of the film stars dressing room. There’s also some you can see around my bed! You’ll have to excuse the zebra wallpaper, it’s not really my thing anymore.

3- on the right side of my dressing table I have my bobby pins all stored in a mini jam jar. I also keep my 2 sprays and the fentimans rose lemonade ( which I’m in love with ) on there too. Obviously I have a bit of chocolate stored there as well!

4- I got this candle in primark for £2.50! It smells soooo nice. Plus it’s pink! I love primark for home ware and I go there straight away because it’s all so nice! The spray in the background is Victoria’s Secret ‘ coconut passion ‘ and it is my favourite scent. It’s coconut and vanilla in one spray! If you’ve read my ‘about’ page you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

room decor: bits and pieces | EG♡

Just a quick post with a few little things from my room!

Obviously I’m in love with fairy lights! I have them on whilst I read and stuff because they’re twirled around my bed frame. I also have roses around my mirror that light up, just like in the movies! I have more that hand on my wardrobe too, maybe too many in one place but oh well! I have loads of hearts on my room because I think they’re really pretty. My best friend bought me the one with the quote on and it super cute. We also have them throughout the house as my mum loves them too.

On my dressing table I have all of the nail varnishes I love and a little heart shaped dish. I love things like this because they are cute to look at and make me happy instantly!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x