Shorts 3 ways | EG 

Even though it is still winter here, and yes it is freezing and yes snow is forecast, we can still dream about summer! Maybe even Spring will bring some heat? After going to town with my friends I picked up some denim shorts and months of searching for the perfect ones. I did own the topshop mom shorts, but being so tall they were too short and uncomfortable. I found some ripped dark denim shorts in miss selfridge for just £10! I would link them but they’ve gone out of stock!

I’ve put together three outfits that would be comfy and really pretty in summer.

This outfit is really pretty. Wearing trainers keeps it comfy, without loosing the look. These Roche runs and a baby pink colour and are so comfy! I’ve had this topshop t shirt since last summer, but I bought a new bright white one. It’s great if the sun is out so you won’t burn your shoulders. The shorts are really comfy and look great with the bright white of the t shirt.

This outfit is really casual. The top is from topshop and is in a raglan style. It’s really casual but still looks cool. By wearing monochrome colours, you can match anything. These skater shoes are also from topshop and are really comfy. By wearing little dolly shoe socks, it prevents your shoes rubbing or getting dirty inside.

This is definitely my favourite outfit. The halter top is from topshop and I’ve seen it on multiple you tubers and bloggers. The mustard colour looks really nice next to the denim shorts. Converse match this outfit really well because they are neautral but pull the outfit together. Converse are great if you’re walking a lot or don’t want to wear sandals.

Have you guys got a favourite outfit?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 


holiday outfit night #1 | EG♡

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a lovely day! I’m sorry I haven’t blogged all week. I was away last week and as soon as I got back I was on plane off somewhere else! It’s been pretty busy but I’m back on track now. I’ve decided that since I’m away I’ll show you my outfit of every day! This outfit is actually from yesterday and it was so hot! I think it got to 30 degrees?!

bardot top – topshop

skirt – topshop

shoes – topshop

spray – Victoria’s Secret

bracelet – boutique

This outfit kept me cool in the evening which was perfect because we went out for a meal. 

My skater shoes – as you can see – have been used a lot and are super comfy. 

The skirt was given to me by a friend. It must’ve been from a topshop line from ages ago as I can’t find it anywhere. It still had the labels on! I fell in love with it and it’s so pretty. 

As you all know my favourite scent is coconut and vanilla and this is exactly what coconut passion by Victoria’s Secret is.

I got this bracelet from a little place on the coast a few days ago and you chose a bracelet and charms to go with it. I got ones to remind me of holiday!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

choies outfit : my picks | EG♡

Since finding the choies website, I’ve fallen in love! Not only do they have gorgeous clothes, but they also have a lovely customer service team! They were so helpful and kind and answered my emails straight away. They have so many gorgeous clothes and I decided to put together an outfit together for you guys!

How cute is this! I would definitely wear this! I love everything about it.

top – £6.83

shorts – £6.83

shoes – £33.10

I can’t believe how inexpensive these items are! They make such a lovely outfit, especially when it’s getting hotter too. I love the knitted bralette because it’s very summery, but also pretty. The shorts are so cute. The pom poms make such a lovely addition to them. These shoes look so comfy and would match pretty much all of my clothes. I love how they lace up too. I would love all of these items.

Go check it out! Click here!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

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denim and vans | EG ♡

Now it’s getting hotter I can finally wear my shorts! I have loads, whether it be fabric or denim. I always go back to these because they’re so pretty! My vans were featured in my second yes please post. They are the comfiest brand of shoes ( alongside with converse of course ) and have the prettiest pattern on them!

mom shorts – topshop

white top – topshop

hawaiian vans – surfdome

China glaze nail polish – tk maxx

lush lip scrub

miss selfridge watch

eos lip balm

topshop scrunchie

fujifilm camera

I can’t wait to wear this outfit. It’s so comfy, but looks really pretty. I will be using my camera so much this summer. I got it two years ago and looove using it! I love having instant photos to keep. Of course all of the others things will be essential for summer.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

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florals | EG♡

More clothes! I love putting outfits together and seeing which items I have match. It also means I have loads of outfit that I know I can wear. This one is all floral and pretty. It has light colours so it’s perfect for summer.

Bardot top – topshop

floral skort – primark

t bar shoes – topshop

backpack – primark

sunglasses – españaaaa!

perfume – one direction ‘our moment’

drink – Norwegian drink

I looove the way this outift looks. I can’t wait for the weather to pick up so I can wear it. 

My favourite thing about the Bardot top is that you can wear it on or off your shoulders. 

The skort was only £6 from primark and is a lovely mint green colour. It also has orange accents in it. 

This backpack is so cute! It has little tassels on the end of the cords and matches with basically everything. 

My t bars are from two years ago and I wore them everyday of the holidays! ( I’m not even kidding ) they have lasted so well and are still as cute as when I first got them.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

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tk maxx buys | EG♡

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who have bought beautiful products from tk maxx! Many people are picking up designer brands from there! I didn’t know that tk maxx even sold such things! I obviously headed straight for the hom section and the beauty section.

I bought my first cath kidston mug! I’m drink tea every day so I obviously need a nice cup to drink it with! This was £3.75 rrp £5, which is such a good price. I’ve wanted a cath kidston mug for ages and now I have one. Yay.

I didn’t know that tk maxx was SO good for nail products. They had ciate, essie, opi, Jessica and China glaze! When I lay eyes on his one I had to have it! It was only £3.99. I thought that China glaze was only available in America so when I found this I was super happy. I got 546 ‘go go pink’ and its a lovely pastel pink shade, which I know I’ll be wearing all summer!

Have you guys ever found something great in tk maxx? Comment below!

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

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summer bucket list | EG♡

Finalllyyy it’s seems like summers here! Today it’s been sososo hot! It was 32 degrees in my classroom, it really tires you out. The again, I was wearing my uniform. When summer comes I love planning what to do in the holidays. Especially my outfits ( just me? ) I’ve got a few planned things with my friends and other things that are coming up soon!

Something that I’ve wanted to do for ages is my hair. I feel like it’s quite plain. I do love it, but I feel like it needs something extra. I love the idea of balayage or sombré. This picture is how I’d like it ( if only it was that simple )

Another thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while is get a pen pal. I love the idea of writing to people. I’d love to do the things where you send a box of gifts. Especially someone from another country, because then I could send them loads of English things!

Ice creaaaam! I will definitely be going for a lot of sundaes. Theres a 50s ice  cream parlour near me and they sell everything from waffles to sundaes to milkshakes! It’s so nice to have when its boiling outside.

I’d also like to have a water fight. We’d just fill up buckets with water balloons and water guns too. When it’s this hot it’s great to cool down and have fun.

I love picnics. I like to make cookies and things to take and whilst we’re there we would have a bbq. Kebabs are really easy to make and taste delicious. If you have vegetables on them too they’ll roast and taste delicious.

Do you have any plans for summer?

Have a lovely day!

Grace x