top 5 sprays | EG♡

Hiiii everyone! Today I’ve got a little post about something I love! Perfume and body sprays! Yes it’s a strange love but I like to smell good so you know. These are my top 5 that I use regularly.

Zara woman l’eau

Enchanted grace 

One direction our moment 

Boots natural collection vanilla

Ted baker body spray

I usually wear my one direction perfume day to day because I have 3 bottles I may be a bit obsessed .  I just love the sweet smell of it! Boots no longer sell this version of their vanilla spray which was just £2! They now sell a thinner taller bottle for £4.50 which smells nothing like the old one! I really don’t like the new one so I keep the tiny bit of this one I have left for special days. I sprayed this ted baker one ages ago and forgot the smell, I finally found it a few weeks ago and bought it straight away. It’s pink so why wouldn’t I buy it? The enchanted grace perfume was a present for Christmas and I have no idea where it’s from. I think I got it because it has my name on. I love the smell of it though, and once again it’s pink! My friend bought me this mini Zara perfume with some other things for my birthday and it smells gorgeous! It’s really fresh and great for spring. I’ll definitely be purchasing the bigger bottle! 

Have a beautiful day! 

Grace x


what’s in my bag? | EG♡

So today I thought that I’d share with you one of my favourite posts to read. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m nosy or not but I really enjoy these types of posts! I also like seeing what people find useful to have with them. I don’t like to carry loads in my bag as it tends to get heavy quickly so these items are what are usually in my bag from day to day.


My bag is a taupe kind of colour from new look. I got it for £22.99 and it is a shoulder bag, great for carrying all of my stuff! I love the colour of it because it tends to match anything I wear.

So, what’s in my bag?

I carry my iPad with me mostly for entertainment. I like to check out blogs whilst on the go or read a book. The one I’m reading on it at the moment is ‘ hurry up and wait ‘ which was free on the book store last week as it was book of the week. So far it’s very good! I also like to have my iPad with me to take pictures, mostly for my blog or because they’re just good photo opportunities!

The second thing I have is my iPhone. I’m not too bothered about carrying this around at all times, but when I know I need to reach for someone it’s nice to have it there. The case it has was £1 from primark and I love it because it’s all sparkly and whatnot. I also like to listen to my music on it. At the moment I love the weeknd, Vance Joy, Ariana Grande and Cara delevingnes cover with Will Heard.

The third things are my (very) small collection of beauty items. These consist of ‘Soap and Glory Hand Maid’ hand sanitiser ( you never know when you’ll need this ) Baby lips lip balm in ‘ pink punch ‘ and my one direction our moment perfume rollerball. I like to have this with me to top up if my perfume is fading away. Of course I have tissues. Someone always needs one, I like to be the one who has them because my friends are never prepared for it!

The next things I carry round are my fujifilm instax mini 8 and my sunglasses. I like to have my camera with me in case there’s a nice photo opportunity, you never know when it might be and I like to catch great memories with this camera as the photos seem more special. I picked these sunglasses up in Spain for €2! I thought they were a bargain! I’ve had them for nearly a year now and they still do their job perfectly!

The last thing is chocolate! I always like to have something sweet in my bag in case we go on a long journey or someone’s  hungry. Galaxy is my current favourite and I got four bars with my Easter egg so I’m making the most of them! I also like to carry water with me because it’s literally all I drink apart from tea or the rare occasion I have some lemonade.

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!

Grace x

iPad mini 3 | EG♡

Last week I ordered the iPad mini 3 in gold, as I had finally saved enough for it! It arrived yesterday and I’m so happy with it,it’s gorgeous!


I ordered it from selfridges and they sent it in a huge cardboard box. When I opened it tissue paper flowed out, looking a like a huge present! I absolutely loved the way they wrapped it, it was very thoughtful. It also came with a cloth bag with drawstrings. It was wrapped in lots of bubble wrap and hidden behind oodles of dotty tissue paper!


Once I got over the beautifulness of the wrapping, I got to the ipad! It’s such a perfect size. I also think it’s more rose gold than full on gold. It’s nice but subtle. It’s fits perfectly into its little ted baker case! I have already got a book and am well into it , so I may give a review later on. This will also make blogging a lot easier as at the mo I do it on my phone, which is hard because it’s a tiny little screen. It’ll make reading all of your lovely blogs easier!

Have a super day!

Grace x

Bicester village purchases | EG♡

Today we drove down to Bicester village, which is a little shopping village with designer names for low prices. Most of the items are end of line ( which is great because I always want stuff when it’s out of stock )  


Vivienne westwood bracelet- £46.90 down from £70

We popped into vivienne westwood and I headed straight to the jewellery, as I love all of her designs. This bracelet stood out to me because it’s pink ( duh ) and rose gold. Then I saw the price and it convinced me even more! It came in a cute little pouch and box too! I am so in love with this as I’ve been wanting proper vivienne westwood jewellery for a while.


Cath kidston radio sewing box- £19 down from £39

Ted baker iPad mini case- £14 down from £35

I saw this sewing box and fell in love! It’s so cute! The inside has a little pin cushion and it’s dotty. This outside is floral with a little box on the top to look like a radio. It has a little handle too. I take textiles as an option so I’m going to start getting into sewing at home a bit more. This cute radio sewing box is the perfect place to start!

The next shop I went into was ted baker, and I was surrounded by pastel dresses, bags and shoes! It was gorgeous! I headed to the ‘tech cases’ and saw this mint green iPad mini case! I had been looking at this on the internet and all of the websites had said out of stock. As it was end of line it was in this shop! We got to the till and it was down to £14, how could I refuse?

We also went to pret a manger and I had an organic hot chocolate and a hoisin duck wrap. Of course I also pulled a packet of Oreos out of my bag!

Hope you like my new purchases, I certainly do!

Have a fun day!

Grace x