What’s In My Bag? | EG

When I first started my blog in April last year, What’s In My Bag was one of the first posts I composed. I loved reading these posts, and watching similar videos on YouTube. As its been over a year since I’ve done this post, I thought I’d give you an updated version!

The bag I have is this one from River Island. This is a shoulder bag in a mink colour. It has a mostly faux suede body with a faux leather contrast and the River Island gold bar. It also has pretty tassels hanging off it and a reversible strap, which has a snakeskin pattern on one side and is baby pink on the other. The bag closes with a magnetic presstud and has a zip pocket and normal pocket on the inside. This bag cost £32, which is quite expensive, but when you think of how versatile, and how pretty it is, I can justify it.

The first things that I have in my bag are my purses. Yes that’s plural. I keep my notes and cards in my holographic purse, which is from New Look. I then keep all of my silver change in this coin purse which is also from New Look. I love the holographic purse as its so quirky, yet matches my bag perfectly. The coin purse is also so cute to carry around!

The next things that I have in my bag are my phone, my lipstick and my sunglasses. I use the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipcream  in the colour 07 ‘nude-ist’ which is a pretty red toned pink. When I bought this, I thought it would be more brown toned, but it dried quite red toned. It is a very similar colour to my nyx sleek matte lip cream in ‘Cannes’. 

I carry my phone around all of the time, obviously as I never know when I will need to google something, take a photo or contact someone. I have the silver iPhone 6 in 16gb. I got my case from h and m, mostly because it matches all of my clothes.

Even though Britain is infamous for the amount of rain we get, I like to be hopeful and carry my sunglasses with me. You never know when the sun may come out, and I guess carrying these large cat eyes from New Look is helpful ( if a bit optimistic ).

That all I carry in my bag with me! I definately used to carry a lot more. At one time, I actually used to carry an eyeshadow palette with me.

Do you guys have anything you always carry round? Are there any posts you’d like me to do?

Comment below!

Have a lovely day,

Grace X 


Shorts 3 ways | EG 

Even though it is still winter here, and yes it is freezing and yes snow is forecast, we can still dream about summer! Maybe even Spring will bring some heat? After going to town with my friends I picked up some denim shorts and months of searching for the perfect ones. I did own the topshop mom shorts, but being so tall they were too short and uncomfortable. I found some ripped dark denim shorts in miss selfridge for just £10! I would link them but they’ve gone out of stock!

I’ve put together three outfits that would be comfy and really pretty in summer.

This outfit is really pretty. Wearing trainers keeps it comfy, without loosing the look. These Roche runs and a baby pink colour and are so comfy! I’ve had this topshop t shirt since last summer, but I bought a new bright white one. It’s great if the sun is out so you won’t burn your shoulders. The shorts are really comfy and look great with the bright white of the t shirt.

This outfit is really casual. The top is from topshop and is in a raglan style. It’s really casual but still looks cool. By wearing monochrome colours, you can match anything. These skater shoes are also from topshop and are really comfy. By wearing little dolly shoe socks, it prevents your shoes rubbing or getting dirty inside.

This is definitely my favourite outfit. The halter top is from topshop and I’ve seen it on multiple you tubers and bloggers. The mustard colour looks really nice next to the denim shorts. Converse match this outfit really well because they are neautral but pull the outfit together. Converse are great if you’re walking a lot or don’t want to wear sandals.

Have you guys got a favourite outfit?

Have a lovely day!

Grace X 

3 concert outfits that will last the night | EG

Whether you’ve been to a concert, are going to one or are at one, we all know that they can get hot, busy and uncomfortable. I’ve put together three outfits that will look really cute but will be comfy at the same time.

 This first one is really casual. I actually own the jeans and top and they look really nice together. This vintage fila jacket is gorgeous! It’s crushed velvet and white, so it will match anything. It’s in the sale on the asos marketplace. As you probably know, your phone will always run out of charge as soon as you go to take a picture or video. This urban outfitters one is really pretty and portable!

This outfits is probably my favourite. This halterneck is in the sale at boohoo! A halterneck is great because it will keep you cool but look really nice too. Fjallkaven kanken bags are really popular and are good for posture too! If you’re like me, you’d probably have a bag full of snacks. Vans are probably the comfiest shoes ever! These old skool vans match everything and won’t hurt your feet after hours of jumping.

If you’re looking for a less casual outfit then this is the one for you. These shoes are really pretty and the lace up detail does lovely with the simply cardigan and jeans. The Bralet is from missguided, they also had it in black too. I think a simple French plait is really chic and comfortable for a concert.

What’s your favourite outfit?

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

Autumn Outfit | EG♡

As you can probably tell, I’m really excited for Autumn. I’ve already made an Autumn Wishlist and yet here is another Autumn clothes post! I love the colours of Autumn, and buying clothes in those shades are my absolute favourite.

New Look

– jumper £17.99 

– bag £22.99 ( also available in tan )

– skirt £19.99 ( also available in navy, khaki and camel )


– gilet £65 ( very similar here from New Look )

– boots £35

I love this outfit! The colours compliment each other really well. I can imagine going for a walk in the evening wearing this. I love the cold shoulders on the jumper, it gives nice detail to a plain item. 

Teamed with the burgundy skirt, which is thick and warm, the jumper looks really cute. If you tucked it in you could see the gold detail of the zip.

This gilet literally goes with anything. It is very versatile as it is a neutral colour. The fur is very soft and it does up discreetly. I love the colour of it as it is perfect for this season.

The bag is very autumnal. I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is. The crocodile effect contrast with the tassels and gives a lovely designer look.

Black boots are a staple for any Autumn wardrobe. They go with anything ; skirts, jeans, shorts, leggings. Black is a very versatile colour and compliments this outfit nicely. It matches the tassels on the bag which is a cute touch.

Do you have any favourites for Autumn?

Have a lovely day! 

Grace x

holiday outfit night #7 | EG♡

Today we went to the beach and it was boiling! In the evening we went out for ice cream ( I obviously had chocolate and coconut ) and went to a hotel to look around the shops and listen to the entertainment. I wore my plays it from h and m because it’s super comfy.

play suit – h&m

shoes – topshop

scrunchie – h&m

Once again I’m wearing my floral play suit! Of course! It’s so comfy and I love the cross detail on the back. I can’t not wear it. My pink scrunchie matches perfectly with the flowers in the pattern. My shoes look soooo worm, it’s horrible. I promise as soon as I’m home I’ll wear my brand new ones! These are just simple white skater shoes, so they basically go with any outfit.

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

holiday outfit night #6 | EG♡

Another post? Once again I forgot to post outfit five yesterday so I have two posts today! I don’t know how I forgot really considering I’m not really that busy. But anyways! We went out for a meal and I had the best profiteroles I’ve ever had! They came with so much chocolate sauce – always a priority. I wore a really comfy and chilled outfit because I didn’t really want to get ‘ dressed up ‘ plus we went to the beach.

top – topshop

shorts – primark

shoes – topshop

anklet – little shop

bracelet – another little shop 🙂 

This was so comfy, it was literally like wearing pyjamas. I can’t complain really!

My shorts have an Aztec kind of pattern on them and are very light and comfy. This was great considering the heat and humidity of the air over here. They have a coral pink lining and are very easy to match with a lot of items.

I have this white top in pink as well. It’s a nice tee that can be paired with anything from jeans to skirts and is very easy to wear. I always buy white clothes and I just love them. The bottom of this top is scalloped and very pretty.

My jewellery was simple and I wore silver. My bracelet has two little charms on it and my anklet has Hamas hands on it.

My shoes are literally in every outfit post! They go with everything though, you can’t blame me 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Grace x

holiday outfit night #5 | EG♡

Night 5 already! Today we went to the ice cream parlour and I had a waffle! I didn’t take my iPad with me so I didn’t get a photo but I’ll try and get some to make a post for when I get back! So here’s what I wore on night 5.

My photos are so blurry so I’m very sorry for that!

playsuit – new look

shoes – topshop

anklet – little shop

bracelet – Vivienne Westwood

cuff – topshop

I wore this playsuit to travel here because it’s so comfy! Paired with an oversized cardigan it looks really cute. It has a burgundy Paisley pattern on it and has a high neck with short spaghetti straps.

My shoes are probably a bit overused by now, but they’re comfy so I’ll wear them. I’ve had them since last year now so they’ve held up well.

I love this new bangle that I bought from topshop! It’s rose gold and has a leaf on either end. I have tiny wrists so finding bangles that fit is very rare! My bracelet is from Bicester village and I love it! It has little bits of pink in it and gold too. I wear anklets all the time on holiday as they make me feel like I’m on holiday ( I don’t know why ) 

Have a lovely day!

Grace x